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TK-4261 at the Toys"R"Us Grand Opening


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Hey Troops,

I Went to the grand opening of Toys"R"Us in Redlands, California today with Glen(TK-602) and Robert(IG-7226) and we had a blast.

Toys"R"Us donated thousands of $$$'s in toys to the fire victims here in California. Darth Potato was there(he was a little short). Spiderman and Batman were there also but we were not aloud to take pictures with either of them. Our Armor was better than their spandex anyway :P

The best part was the kids.


Hope you enjoy the pics,


Curtis :D

















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Nice photos! That TK bear cracks me up, looked like you guys had a great time.


Just curious, what was the reason you were'nt allowed to take pics with the other characters?



Spiderman was under contract with Marvel and Batman with DC. They were getting paid and we were there for Charity. I think it is much more rewarding to be there for the kids.


Curtis :D

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Great stuff Curtis!


I'm glad to see you immediately put that armor to use. As soon as I finish my gun, I'll go walk around my TRU just for the fun of it :)

Since I have no occasions to troop here in Canada, gotta improvise a little .. ha!


Love that pony pic!

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the darth potato is it one of your members... it reminds me of spaceballs oversided vader helmet. that pony pic i just couldnt stop laughing. the bear trooper is awsome. "kill them with cuteness.."


The Darth Potato costume belonged to Toys"R"Us. It would of been cool if we had a real Vader with us.


Glad you guys enjoyed the pics,


Curtis :D

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