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Over the years I've compiled tons of links and resources for TK costuming. I figured I'd share them here for all the aspiring TKs to find things easier. It's not everything, but it is quite a bit.

If anyone has any recommendations I'll add them to the list. Also, if any links are broken or need to be updated feel free to let me know.


**UPDATE** Some of this info may be no longer relevant but I will try to update as many of the links as possible.



Armor Resources:



Armor Types: FISD


ANH Stunt CRL: 501st


ANH Hero CRL: 501st


ESB CRL: 501st


ROTJ CRL: 501st


Screenshots and references: Star Wars Helmets


Tips, Tutorials, and How-Tos: FISD (This is a great source if info and tutorials)


TK4510 Video Build: LINK


Snap tutorial: Link


TM Armor Build: Stukatrooper's Flickr


Helmet Build: FISD


Helmet Assembly Manual: FISD (Unavailable)


MP Armor Build: Missing Pieces Armor Build


Cover Strip Sizes: FISD


Belt making tutorial: FISD


Boot painting thread: FISD


Neck Seal tutorial: FISD


LFL Archive Photos: Part 1 also Part 2 (do not need account to view)


Jorran's Shopping List Thread:FISD


Ear Trimming Help: FISD


Off Clip-on Fan DIY: FISD


Ammo Pouch Tutorial: TK1336


Mod Tips for Female TKs:FISD



Armor Parts:



Boots: TK Boots Also, jodhpur/chelsea boots can be purchased and painted white.


Holster: FISD or FISD (no longer available it seems) These can also be scratch made with leather PATTERN HERE. Check CRL for differences in holsters.


Belt: FISD Very good quality belt. I have two. These can also be made using the tutorial in the resources section. Also can be purchased at TrooperBay


Underarmor: Can be found at Underarmor's Website or Amazon (Compression Heat Gear). Off brands can be found at Walmart, Target, or any sports store. Also available here: Epic Sports or Eastbay


Decals: From TrooperBay: Decals ------ ANH Traps and Tube Stripes can also be hand painted. TKCaleb has some nice custom RotJ Decals, send him a PM for a set. Sskunky's RotJ Decals HERE.


Lens: I use Smitty's lenses as they're darker than most, but still have a nice green color. Send him a PM for a set. You can also use welding shield or whatever ATA ships if you're getting an ATA.


Neck Seal: FISD or FISD or TrooperBay. These can also be sewn or hand made using the tutorial above.


ANH Gloves: Nomex Gloves for trooping. Rubber gloves for Centurion can be purchased online or at hardware stores. I recommend using cotton gloves under your rubber gloves if you are going to troop with them.


ESB Gloves: Silk or Rubber gloves for centurion. Nomex can be used for anything else, like trooping etc.


Drop box backing: FISD for EIB or Centurion.


Bucket Padding: Any foam material. Also can use teeball helmet foam (junior size helmets at walmart under 10 bucks) or tactical helmet lining.


Hovi mic tips: Smitty Sskunky's or Keith's tips. (note they may or may not be selling these any longer) I have a set of Sskunky's and they are amazing. Trooperbay carries tips. If you order armor from ATA, he sends some tips as well.


Thermal Detonator Clips: FISD FISD. Apparently no longer working, but there's one from Vern. FISD

RotJ Armor Trim: FISD A must for anyone going TKC, ICN, or RotJ. (Archived)



E-11 Resources:



Blaster scratch build: Blaster Builder's Club


My E-11 Hasbro Mod: Link


E-11 Advanced Reference: FISD


E-11 Reference: FISD


E-11 Reference: FISD


Scope Rail Tutorial: FISD


Hengstler Mounting: FISD



E-11 Parts:



Hasbro Blaster: Hasbro's may be available on eBay. Mod kit available at Doopy Doos or Etsy.


DIY Blaster/Pipe build: See Blaster Builder's Club for templates and Doopy Doos for pipe detailing kit. Vern's updated templates: Fore, Aft


PVC Pipe for Doopy Pipe build: This can be difficult to source. You can buy some pre-made ones HERE and HERE. (These links are now defunct. If you have other resources and would like to help updating this list, feel free to send me a PM)


Full resin Blaster kit: Doopy Doos


Accurate T-Track: FISD Alternatively, I have used plastic rakes to make my own T-Track. This can be found at your local hardware store.



Build Tools:



Clamps: Can be found at Lowes or Home Depot. I use ratcheting clamps and spring clamps. The more the better. I don't recommend cheap plastic spring clamps as they break easily.


Magnets: These are useful for clamping. Something similar to these magnets. A lot of pull force is not required as they're simply for clamping strips down.


Rivet gun and rivets: Found at hardware stores or Amazon. I recommend the multi sized rivet tool that way you can use different size rivets depending on the application.


Snaps: Line 24 snaps can be found on eBay, Amazon or Tandy Leather. I recommend getting around 100. Alternatively fabric snaps can be used these can be found at fabric/craft stores or marine stores.


Snap tool: This can be found on Amazon, Michaels, eBay, or at Tandy Leather. You need a hammer to use it. For smaller or fabric snaps, snap pliers can be used to attach these.


CA Glue and Accelerators: CA Glue - Amazon. Accelerator - Amazon You can also find glues at hobby shops online and locally. 3-4 oz for a full suit. Do not buy more anything larger than 1oz, it becomes a mess. (Nearly instant cure time)


Plastic Welder(6 pack): Ace Hardware This stuff REEKS. DO NOT USE INDOORS! (15 Minute Cure time)


E6000: Can be found at any fabric/craft store or Walmart (fabric/craft section). (24 hour cure time)


Velcro: Industrial Strength Velcro in WHITE also comes in black. Can be found at Walmart or any hardware store. I recommend the 15' roll.


Sand paper: Found at any hardware store. Various grits are recommended. 3M Sponge blocks from home depot are very useful, they come in Medium, Fine and Ultrafine. I use all three.


Tape: Blue masking tape or regular masking tape. Several rolls.


Safety Razor: Safety razors can be bought at hardware stores. They are useful for the score/snap trimming method as well as other applications.


Lexan Scissors: Lexan scissors, also called plastic cutting scissors, at hobby shops or online like this one on Amazon.


Metric ruler: Hardware stores or office supply. A metal one is recommended. This is for measuring strip sizes and also trimming pieces.


Straight Edge: Useful for making cover strips.


Paint brushes: Any craft store for brushes. Make sure to get various sizes.


Paint Colors: These are the standard colors. These paints can be found online and in some hobby stores. You can also purchase Humbrol paints from TrooperBay. Also, use Satin Black for ESB frown and all Vocoders.


Nylon webbing and Elastic webbing: This can be found at any fabric store. Sometimes you can find some at walmart and at hardware stores as well.

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Over the years I've compiled tons of links and resources for TK costuming. I figured I'd share them here for all the aspiring TKs to find things easier. It's not everything, but it is quite a bit.

Wow! Loads of great info there.

This is such an amazing resource. Thank you so much, bobojuice! I'll have to shake your hand if we meet up on a trooping, brother.   -Aidan

On 24.2.2012 at 9:04 PM, Locitus said:


I'll add these shortly.


I hope these links will be useful to everyone who's just starting out and has no idea where to begin. I made this for my Garrison forum last year and a lot of people have found it very helpful.


I would also like to add that I am not playing favorites with any vendors and will always give out all options for any particular part. :)

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Here is something to help with the "EIB and Centurian Requirments". "Brettuns Village Trunks and Leather" A place that sells "Brass Split Rivits" for the size Ab and "Rapid Smash Rivits" for the Knee Ammo Belt, Drop Boxes, and the waist belt. Free Shipping for the lower 48 if the order is $ 5.00.


They take Check, Paypal, Major Credit cards. They also ship outside the U.S. Good quality, customer service and feedback. This is where I ordered my rivits and tools from.


Here is the web site. http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/parts/rivets.htm


For the Brass Split Rivits, Scroll down for RVT121, 1/4" Split Rivets $5 per 100


For the "Rapid Smash Rivit" Scroll down for RVT-128 Sold in bags of 100 (yes, 100 posts and 100 caps) for $8.00Two Part Rapid Rivets, Bi-Color (Brass Caps, Nickel Posts) - Plated Steel.


For the Tool to set the Rapid Rivits Go to the Tools page http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/tools/tools.html


and Scroll down till you see Brettuns Village Rapid Rivet Setter RS-0304 $15.00


For the Anvil Scroll down the Tools page till you see Anvils for Setting Rivets or Eyelets... Anvil $4.00




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This is super helpful! I'm in the middle of my first build and i can already see how much easier this will make my life.



FYI though, The Helmet Assembly Manual is no longer on the forum. It seems the manual from that link has disappeared. I've been looking for a mirror but everyone links to the same location.


Thanks for putting this all together!

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Here is another item we can include that is extrememly helpful, ty Dashrazor. Reference pics from almost every scene with troopers throughout the entire trilogy, all in HD


ANH: link to album http://s880.photobuc...%20screenshots/


ESB: link to album http://s880.photobuc...sb%20reference/


ROTJ: link to album http://s880.photobuc...tj%20reference/



Lucasfilm archive photo collection http://s381.photobuc...5/LFL%20Photos/


Indispensable :smiley-sw013:

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