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I have 10 year old GF ABS Armor. Its been on display on a mannequin for the past 3 years. Its still a beautiful pristine white. Painted armors will yellow over time. There's now way to avoid it. My display is crowned with a 5 year old painted TE2 helmet and it has started to yellow a wee bit. Cigarette smoke will yellow a painted helmet in record time.


All plastics are not created equally. I lost a drop box and replaced it with an AP and over time the AP drop box has slightly yellowed in comparison to the GF parts.

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Google Nintendo ABS yellowing.


I saw a video on youtube about a chap who used ammonia to unyellow his gameboy.

Also ABS and worked a treat


Brave man to try that on a TK though smile.png but it should work. It's just the acrylic cap that'll be the problem,

the yellowness in underneath that


ive seen the white chinese restaraunt bowls been soaked in bleach to remove dark yellow stains form haveing curry'a and red from other spicy dishes

PVC garden furniture goes really brittle over time but they do sell cleaner for it at bunnings

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I dispalyed an FX for about 5 years before i started trooping & as you can see below there was no issue.......




I just kept it out of direct sunlight & away from any localised heat sources.


John may (I'm no chemist) have a point with ammonia but I wouldn't be too keen to use novus just because it'll be really hard work lol!!!


My brother-in-law who runs a plastic welding business 'cleans' abs (facias, gutters, etc) with our old friend acetone - just a dab on a cloth & a quick wipe will take off the top distorted layer

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I talked to a friend lately about that.

Actually, Light bleaches (the UV section). But most windows don't let UV in.


The main cause for yellowing is oxygen (and other reactive oxygen species) and smoking.The thinner the platic, the soon it will turn yellow

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