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Rebel Troopers


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Slightly off topic. Does anyone have info or links on how one could go about building a replica of the helmets the rebel troopers wore at the beginning of Star Wars A New Hope? You know, the ones who unsuccessfully tried to repel Vaders' invading forces on the Blockade Runner.


I know replicas can be bought, but I wanted to see if one could be built for a reasonable cost at home. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




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Rebel Legion is the best place to look but building one sounds a lot harder and way more expensive that just buying a kit or prebuilt helmet.


The only one I know of that I would consider is one made by MonCal. I am sure you can send a PM to him from here. Although he isn't a very active member he does reply when he gets a chance. I know he gets a lot of PM's and emails so be patient if you do try and make contact.

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