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Incinerator plasma cannon sceen grabs (4 Images) TFU

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These are low polygon models. The reason you see them at this quality is because when the modeler for TFU designed the weapon, they intended the player to destroy the enemy. Within a matter of seconds the player would then continue to run past the enemy. Because the purpose of the model is not for exporting it out of the game and importing it here for viewing pleasure, the model was designed very low to enhance game performance. I would suggest these images only be use as a reference. Because these images do not show exact detail, please check with members on the forums to confirm details according to CRL Standards.












Trying to think of more views... If there is a specific view you would like, let me know.

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very nice Corey. these are the best game images to date! :) i know the detail is the best it can get, but these are great for shape reference and scale.


i would love to see a closeup of the little control panel on top of the fuel canister ;)



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