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My first troop as a Stormie

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I was graciously permitted by my garrison staff to take my brand new Stormtrooper uniform for the Star Wars The Old Republic pre-launch event in the Virgin Megastore, Paris. I had a blast. Nothing but good memories for this troop despite me being concerned about the stairs, being stressed for my chest plate that would bump up occasionally (I had my Aker amp under there... what was I thinking? :P) and not being able to see where and on whom I was stomping.


Pictures speaking more than words, behold!

















There was a slight shin malfunction (the right one opened up and wouldn't close itself, the left one went up over my boot and it was killing me for a minute), the codpiece was digging pretty badly in my thighs which is ridiculous to say, and I think I was holding my weapons a little too high in most pictures.... And of course the chestplate straps were not elastic so I was snapping them back on every now and then.


But otherwise I got comfortable after like an hour in the event. It's hard to get used to the helmet and all the dead angles. My old Scout self was crying inside but I felt damn proud to be a Stormtrooper that night :D People were eager to have their picture taken with me and only one person made a notice of my gender (though to me it looks pretty obvious that I'm female... trained eyes maybe).


It was an overall awesome night and I can't wait to troop again :D

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I think you did well for a first troop - it's not uncommon for there to be gotchas for a few troops in new armor as you dial it in. You look good - and I'm sure it will only get better over time.

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Congrats on your first troop.

I did my first troop this week and I can understand you when you talk about your armour. I had one or two issues with mine - the cod being one of them. It was fine at first, but after 4 hours it started to dig in a bit.

Now you've done your fist troop, you know what needs to be altered before your next one.

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