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I'm Finished (I think...)! Feedback, please! :)

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First and foremost, I would like to thank FISD and everyone on here for all the great info, help, and knowledge. As I mentioned before, I wouldn't have been able to finish my armor build without you guys and gals! Thanks!


I just sent these pics to a 501st Garrison for their approval. I hope my build and pics will be enough to convince them... I'm a bit excited and nervous.


Anything I should change, adjust, or redo? Wish me luck!!!!!


























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Excellent work. I see nothing that would preclude 501st acceptance. On the contrary, you'll easily be one of the better-looking troopers in the Neon City Garrison. :duim:


At some point, however, you'll want to upgrade your blaster. ;)

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Agreed - this is an easy pass. Heck, hit up for your EIB when you get your 501st TKID. I still have 30 gold coins sitting around.... ;-)

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Oh! I also wanted to mention my thermal detonator mounting clip (so other newbies could get some ideas... i was stuck on this for couple of weeks).


i just used a left-over stainless steel 12" long ruler. I cut in half and used TK4702's design as a basis to bend and shape, and mounted it with screws at center of TD. I like the ss ruler better than the tandy/banker's clip idea because these are wider (about 1-1/4" wide), so it looks more screen accurate. Just make sure to attach against the white end caps when you align them to screw.


I ordered TK4702's awesome V.2 belt clips, but have these for now as a quick fix while applying for the 501st.














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