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Questions on arm armor

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So I can wear my arm armor, but it restricts the movement on my arms especially when i try to bend at the elbow. Kinda cuts off the circulation. Does that mean that need to be shimmed more of trimmed more? I know i'm a bigger guy trying to fit into TE2 armor,




as you can see in this picture and dont let power girl distract you....that's as far as my arms go...


Does any one else have this problem? Am I right trying to sell this armor to buy bigger armor or can this be fixed easily?


Thanks guys



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Looks like you might need to trim a scoop of some material from the inner forearm at the elbow, and perhaps push the biceps a bit further up your arm and/or trim a bit off the bottoms of the biceps. If I had the appropriate software, I'd draw a sketch for you.


You look great - I'd try to make your current kit work for you as much as possible. If that's as far as you can bend your arms, how do you get your helmet on and off? :huh:

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The first thing that sticks out is the size of her br.....I mean..err... the way your biceps are positioned in realtionship to your forearms :P


They look kind of twisted and not lined up correctly. Try and strap them so that the joining seams line up and dont have the strap too long. You want the gap at the elbow joint about 1-1.5" like the screen used armour.NmoaTi0.jpg


Of course, the parts need to be loose on your arm and not tight, but proper positioning will help with your freedom of movement too.

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Biceps need to go up more. I have the same problem and since my arms are pretty big I still have trouble getting them to go as high as i want. Use some shims and redo the outer strips. That'll let you move the biceps up. Once you do that, you'll have a lot of freedom to move.

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ok so before I tried cutting anything I put on the armor to find out where it was putting too much pressure one my arms. While the armor was on I squeezed it in areas to see if it would help aleviate the pressure (which it did) So I used a clamp to squeeze the armor and then took a heat gun to it so it would heat up in that position and then dunked it in cold water so it would stay that way...it helped on the fore arms but I think with the bi-ceps I will have to make the shim bigger which I didnt wanna do, but I dont wanna cut the armor on the biceps shorter but I'm afraid i might have too on top of making them bigger

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