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My HWT Project

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Hello everyone


Here are some pictures of the progress of heavy.


still missing some items but its starting to take shape:)


the base is once again SDS and I applied the same specific mount for my centurion (I have not finished fixing some details)


The T-21 just in woodchuck, the Enfield Web Slings are commissioned from IMA.


a new pair of home TKBoots is also awaiting reception


I received the 3rd ammo pouch today


the backpack is a model captain (sand so) that quatermaster is finalizing (great job)


here I have tried not to overload the battle worn but it is not so obvious that it.


mini_293776IMG6138.jpg mini_831846IMG6142.jpg mini_961762IMG6144.jpg mini_913548IMG6145.jpg mini_438767IMG6148.jpg mini_893564IMG6150.jpg mini_830085IMG6146.jpg

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backpack received Saturday morning :D ... great work john. again thank you to him for its realization.


Photos at month end for my validation :icon_beg:


(Photos from john not enough time to take mine)


mini_392881041.jpg mini_302557043.jpg mini_891658047.jpg mini_746446049.jpg

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Hi all


TD (HWT) 3182 on board, ready to serve sir :salute:


I am very happy because my HWT have to be valid




the enclosed pictures (just a little too low positioning error of the neck seal on the right profile). Quality is not very good for rainy day



mini_745283IMG6194.jpg mini_473537IMG6196.jpg mini_856380IMG6198.jpg mini_583067IMG6201.jpg mini_445870IMG6204.jpg mini_693801IMG6206.jpg mini_878594IMG6218.jpg



do you think (by adding the necessary photographs for detail) that I can apply for elite status in view of the general look of the whole

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