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Sean's ESB 'canon' E-11 build


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Ok, so I've decided to build myself an E-11 to go along with my snowie :)


I have the doopydoos pipe kit and I have used the templates that zeroroom made.


Template attached, started drilling holes.



finished barrel



The black marker you see around the exhaust vent is where I have had to rebuild the pipe with epoxy putty, as I had cut the hole too big.


While I was waiting for my bits and pieces from doopydoos to arrive I experimented with paint.


I like the hammered finish as it gives a good texture, however the colour was too metallic for my liking. So, I sprayed some gloss black over the top of the hammered black and it turned out exactly how I wanted.


Here are some comparison photos I have taken :)


Under a fluorescent light (indoors)






I have t-tracks from marv, they are awesome quality :)


I also am waiting on a bronze M19 from TK4702.


Tonight I have painted the main section of the reciever, with grip and mag attached. Stay tuned as I have something a little different and special planned for the rest of the pieces (folding stock, trigger, etc...)


Kit layed out




The bolt had to be sanded down A LOT before it would fit inside my pipe. I used a piece of thin plastic to extend the bolt to a more accurate size.



Painted bolt



Painted main body and endcap. Just the hammered black for now, will spray the gloss black on later.



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Nice going! That hammered black is the business - where'd you pick that up? I found a granite textured paint ut this is waaaaay better.


I got it from bunnings, just in the spray paint section. It is called Dymark Revolution Hammered Black. The can looks like this (but in black)



Thats coming along nicely, love the paint what is this generally used on. I've still to do my scope rails. It'd be nice to have something on them like this? Also is it painted on or sprayed?


It's a spray paint. Don't know what it is usually used for, sorry :P

I think i have run out of paint... but I may have enough to paint my scope and rail if I'm lucky haha. otherwise I'll just have to buy some more. I think it will look really good on the scope and rail :)

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nice job~


paint the grips gloss black and the body with the hammered and you've got it!~


the bolt should be a gunmetal grey with the stripe being a little darker grey steel.


silver details on the grips/trigger should be gunmetal.


a sterling should not have a glossy finish. except for the grips.


I usually put clear flat matte over the body and clear gloss over the grips


for extra strength to the paint.

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Great painting tips Vern.


The wife got a bizarre urge to fix our disaster of a garden today - sweat inducing work but at least it gave me an excuse to pop by Bunnings, so I picked up some of that hammered black spray paint :D thanks for the tip Sean.

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ok, so here's my progress so far.


I was lucky enough to get hold of some of the plastic bits ZeroRoom made up, and here they are! I am still waiting on some muzzle bits and folding stock bits, but what I have so far is AWESOME!

for some reason when I was exporting my photos, the colour got washed out a little, the rear sight is REALLY pink :P


how the blaster looks right now



some of the plastic pieces I haven't used yet/don't need to use.



here's teh selector switch next to a doopy doos one.



Trigger (functional) next to a doopydoos


fits over it perfectly!



rear sight




front sight




how the trigger fits


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I also have the scope rail finished, but am having tremendous trouble drilling the holes to mount it/the scope. I am using a handheld drill (one that you plug into the wall, not a bench drill :P ) but the drill bit just keeps spinning and not drilling a hole :/ Any solutions? Does anybody know if I need a particular type of drill bit? The rail is made out of 1.6mm thick aluminium and it was easy to cut with a hacksaw, so it is really doing my head in why I can't drill a hole :P

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Looking good Sean! Nice work bending the front sight to shape.


There should also be a tiny little stick in the envelope that goes in the selector switch base to insert it into the trigger assembly so the selector switch can move.


It sure is gratifying to see my trigger fits the doopy doos like a glove! I made that trigger shape from photos so I'm reassured now...


PM on its way shortly regarding your other parts being on the way :)

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Update time!


I'm still waiting on some plastic bits from ZeroRoom (stock, muzzle)


but here is where I am at now


First off is my bronze m-19 scope casting from TK4702, man this thing is detailed! It aslo has a bit of weight to it so it feels very genuine


How I received the scope






How it looks now





This is not goin to be the final finish... I still need to do a satin black coat over the rest of the blaster.







Let me know what you think :)

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alrighty folks, my blaster is done :) I ended up using the doopydoos stock as I failed really badly at bending the stock arms that I got off Lucas. Subtle weatherig was done using a dark iron coloured paint, drybrushed on. The blaster has a nice texture to it thanks to the hammered paint, I just couldn't get it to show up properly in my photos. The sticky up thingy on the front sight was just carved out of a wooden clothes peg and superglued on ;)


Here is how it is, Please let me know if there is anything I need to change :)







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This looks brilliant Sean! Great work on the muzzle parts - you nailed it spot on! How'd you end up shortening the middle section?


Thanks mate,


I used the grinding wheel attachment for the dremel and just cut around. Glad I managed to get it the right height.


I'll have to suit up in the snowie and get some photos taken :P

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