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Urgent question about selling a e11


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Hi all


I need some urgent advice. I am selling my old Hasbro/doopydoos E11 on the bay of E's. The current highest bidder is in Canada, and the auction ends in only a few hours,, but someone has told me that it is illegal to ship replica firearms to Canada, even plastic toy guns that look real like my blaster. Can anyone shed some light in this please. If this is the case I will have to refund the guy his money and risk negative feedback.






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I don't know about Canada but I know this is the case in Australia for sure. In fact you can't even list toy guns on eBay.com.au (I tried)


I have gotten toy guns through customs but they were not realistic ones and they still got opened and checked. A modded Hasbro blaster is an odd grey area. I have heard that painting them flouro colours and letting the buyer repaint them can work...


I'd contact the buyer and ask him if he knows. If he bids on an item he doesn't think he can get past local customs the onus is on him.

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One way is to paint them in poster paint and the buyer can just rinse it in water to get it off.

Just message the buyer if he wins it and say that he is responsible for his local gun laws. That you do not take responsibility if it gets seized. And say you'll only send it recorded delivery so you have a record of sending it.

Add this info to the auction.

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i have shipped several blasters to Canada without issue. i always mark it on the box and customs slip as a (star wars costume accessory/toy) and i attach a orange plastic tip to the end of the barrel.. painting the end of the barrel might work but i always attach a plastic plug in the end of the barrel (with hot glue) so it can be removed on arrival..


i usually get a cheap dollar store toy gun and just remove the orange tip ;)




this has worked for me several times but i cant guarantee it will work from your location..

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