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1.5 mm ABS Glossed ANH SiMon Helmet

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Got this from Rob at RS PROPS , i orderd it in 1.5mm abs glossed because i want to troop this baby i luv how all the ripples and bumps of the origanal Simon helmet show through walts and all , and its preety sharp to , so thanks guys luv it B) .





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I'll trade you that lid with eternal gratitude.. how's that? JK!


AWESOME helmet is the least I could say!

I like that our vocoders are painted the same - your RS vs my TM :)

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..........................man, they look so much better the way you guys photograph them than sat in our dusty studio!!!!


Thanks Steve and thanks for the great comments, and Andy, expect your package Mon/Tue.


Big thanks to Paul too, the glossy abs worked out pretty good :duim:

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Realy nice to see that no details got lost in that casts RS have done.

Makes fun to look to all this little dips and dents.

Great replica. :duim:

Better than all i have seen so far.

Only a real one or a replica made out of the real material and painted would top that.

Damm good job.

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Hi Mark its not acrylic caped abs , just strait abs with a bit of shine , but what i did was put a couple of coates of clear glaze , a tip from Pete ( Stukatrooper ) and waited for it to dry then buffed it up with some with some polish job a gooden :) .

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