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Question about EIB - clarification on requirements please


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Quick question if you don't mind. My TK has now been cleared with the UKG and thoughts now turn towards EIB, I have made all the modifications needed for the process according to the requirments, and just built a new doopydoos E-11 to replace the Hasbro one. The only thing I'm worried about is due to my height there is a little gap at my knees. Before I get the photos done for submission can you have a look at my clearance photo and let me know if you think the gap would be a problem for EIB. Oh and the ab plate is a different shade of white to the rest of the suit, is this a EIB problem.

Oh and I know my belt is wonky, I will put it on straight if I apply for EIB


Can I even apply for EIB or would i be rejected because of these concerns. Many thanks.





Edit, not sure why my photo won't display?

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Hey Martin, I just looked at your pic, and from the front view pic you with be fine. Like you said, your belt is a little bit wonky, but if you use a number 24 snap on each side to hold the belt in place you will be good to go..


As for the hue/shade of the white, none of the levels (CRL, EI, or Centurion) count against that.



Also I will let the webmaster know about the problem posting pix...



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