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Doopydoo full resin E-11 scope rail

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Just built my Blaster, and its awaiting painting. for the Scope rail I bought a strip of 2mm Steel (20mm wide) from a local DIY store. I then used a dremmel and a vice to make the rail. I was going to use Alumininum but was a bit worried about it sagging as I could only get 2mm.

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Go to the metal yard fence section of your home store. In this area, you will find support bars (usually displayed vertically in a tube) that get woven into the fencing to give it support. They are about 5/8" wide and 1/8 thick.

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wrap some copper ground wire from coax electrical cable around a piece of 1" pvc. you have to look at photos of a real sterling to get the proper spacing and

angle, and number of loops.


I use 3/4" x 1/8 aluminum flat bar from lowes. for sightrails.

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