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How do I measure myself for armor?

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Armor is usually only made in a few sizes. Kids size, screen size and bigger / plus size.


It all depends on your current measurements. If you are approx 5'8 - 6' tall, you would fit into most armor makes. Any bigger in height or weight and plus sized armor is better. Everything is trim / built to fit your personal body size like a tailor would.


*BTW: in the future, please avoid using "How To:" in the title of your post as that denotes a tutorial. I have also moved your topic out of the Tutorial section.

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Ya Cant really add any thing to what Terry said, but i would suggest that u hook up with local 501st in your area. there is always a armor party u can go to and see and test fit different armors there and get a feel for what seems right to u and what suggestions u get. Second thing is to relax ( as hard as that sounds :laugh1: ) and do as much research as u can about all the things u will need. might as well aim high and go Centurion from the get go.

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I would measure the arms with them bent and the muscle flexed. it is possible to make it so tight that you can't properly move.


the legs on suits like AP pretty much are the same size, and are usually just made tighter or larger by putting extra plastic


I've done a basic workup on AP armor measurements:


here are detailed measurements of my armor parts:

red is body measurement

blue is armor measurement


my biceps measure:


right arm

14" flexed body - armor part 17" fits tight but comfortably.


left arm

14" flexed armor part 17"


forearms measure


13" both arms flexed - armor part 14 1/4"

10 1/2" length of forearm - armor part 10 1/4"


both shins 16 1/4 flexed body - armor part 18"

rt shin 14 1/4" long

lft shin 17" long with knee plate


left thigh

24 1/2" body flexed - 24 3/4" armor part 1 1/2" overlap at rear 15" long

right thigh

19 1/2" body flexed - 24 3/4" armor part 1 1/2" overlap at rear 17 1/2" long


my body sizes


44 inches at chest


44 inches at upper waist


39 inches at waist


17 inches at neck


my armor belt is 52" inches long canvas.


5'11" tall

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