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luke skywalker in black?

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hey everyone! Ive been gone for a while but now im back! i have a new qestion for everyone, and i hope im putting this in the right section. I've been looking at some photos of lukes costume in the game "battlefront 2" . Ive iuncluded the picture in the post. I was wondering what costume is this? it looks liike ROTJ black robes but its more of a jacket and all i can find online for tutorials or recourses are robes. kudos points for name of costume and double points for any recourses and tutorials. (ive already checked some fourms on ROTJ and jedi costuming but no luck. )


This is NOT what im looking for. notice how you can see he is wearing black jedi robes.





This IS what im looking for. no robes, just a jacket with a belt and flap.





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the jedi hooded robe is not what i ment by vest in the my first picture. The black "V" tunic is the wrong costume.

Im looking for the vest that has the flap. the jacket looks like its made like this jacket:





(this is the jacket from doctor horrible for all those sing along blog fans out there)


The picture i posted of luke in jabbas makes me think that he is wearing this jacket with the "V" tunic underneath.

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