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NEWSLETTER - August 2011


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August is "Attack of the EU!" Month here at the FISD as EU's seem to be popping up everywhere! Don't worry though, while we love the new guys we will always stick closs to the "classic" troopers that we are all so fond of. On that note, I heard Uncle Palpy is doing lots of "surprise" Star Destroyer inspections so make sure that foot locker is in order Trooper! If you do get a spare chance, kick your feet up in the Mess Hall and enjoy another great month of Trooper News!


In this issue:


From The Detachment Leader


SPECIAL! - The TK's of the Expanded Universe!


FISD Code of Conduct


Siman Helmet Build


Forum Updates


Troop of the Month


Trooper of the Month


Swag Alert!





From The Detachment Leader


When FISD started out – even before we had settled on the name FISD – our original charter was to focus solely on film canon stormtroopers. At the time it made sense as there weren’t any white armor based Expanded Universe TKs. Once we created a home for the Heavy Weapons Trooper (HWT) – which made sense as it is really just an ANH Stunt trooper with accessories – it was natural to welcome other TK based variants to FISD.


While not having the same level of awareness of the canonical classic stormtroopers, the Stormtrooper Commander (TKC) and Incinerator Trooper (INC) along with the HWT are excellent 501st approved options for those looking to branch out from the standard white. And if that weren’t enough, the Kashyyk Stormtrooper (KTK) and Sky Trooper (SKY) should be approved sometime this month. Both are based on standard TK armor with only one or two custom parts.


The Legacy/Joker Squad stormtrooper is truly in a class by itself, requiring many non-standard parts that will necessitate new sculpts. Anyone looking for a new challenge in Stormtrooper costuming should feel welcome to join in the process of bringing these troopers to life.


While film canon Stormtroopers are and will always be the heart and soul of FISD, EU troopers are here to stay. A vibrant and growing part of our costume category EU Troopers are worth your time to learn about, whether it be for something to do with your old white armor when it wears out or else having some other options to get some variety in to that basic white suit we all know and love.


It’s never been a better time to be a Trooper!


With unquestioned loyalty,


Paul Hoeffer

TK-8020 "Daetrin"

Detachment Leader




The Expanded TK Universe


Hello Fellow Troopers and Stormtrooper Fans,


In the last few months, a lot has been going on FISD in the Expanded Universe (EU) for the TK’s. Here is what is happening:


Stormtrooper Commander (TKC) CRL, with visuals:


It has been awhile in the making, but with a lot of hard work and dedication, the task of the TKC CRL is almost finished. Finally the verbiage portion is complete, with the visual portion 98% done. Only, the images of the boots and full model are needed to complete the full CRL, which hopefully, will happen shortly.


So I invite you to take a hyperspace ride over to the Legion Board and see the latest CRL installment for the FISD: http://www.501st.com...ng:TK_commander


Getting to know the EU Troopers:


The original TK has been the structure and backbone of the FISD. We, as Star Wars fans and Stormtrooper aficionados, know the original trilogy TK’s very well. But, when it comes to the Expanded Universe Troopers (EU), there may be some that say, “what is that, that is just another Stormtrooper with a new paint job and some new add-ons, and nothing more to them".


Actually, each one of the EU Troopers has a unique story to them. To bring the characters to life, I have written a brief synopsis for each one and have added them to the CRL’s:


Incinerator Trooper (INC)


The Imperial Incinerator Trooper is an elite unit specially equipped for crowd pacification. Easily distinguished by the red flash on their armor. Their armor is exceptionally heat-resistant, able to withstand high temperatures. Incinerator Troopers are equipped with powerful plasma rifles (A.K.A. flamethrowers) that can burn through virtually any material. This elite unit is used to disperse unruly populations and overwhelm troublesome combatants.


Heavy Weapons Trooper (HWT)


Heavy Weapons Troopers ( A.K.A. Shock Troopers) are an elite unit of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, specializing in the use of various non-standard weapons and equipment. Their armor is extra heavy plated compared to the standard Stormtrooper armor. Some, equipped with rocket launchers, act as anti-vehicle units on the battlefield. They are trained to hit hard targets and to guard strategic locations. The Heavy Weapons Troopers operate as splinter units, backing up standard garrisons and fulfilling unique roles on the battlefield.


Stormtrooper Commander (TKC)


The Stormtrooper Commanders patrol hostile battlefields, leading their troops into fierce combat on dangerous worlds such as the fungus planet Felucia. With razor-sharp minds and steely resolve, these highly trained Imperial soldiers continue the reputation established by the Clone Wars’ fearsome ARC troopers. Clearly visible in their uniquely detailed armor, the Commanders confront enemies such as the savage Felucians with deadly heavy blaster cannons equipped with a devastating stun setting. They are rewarded for their loyalty with specialized armor fitted with an internal shield generator capable of deflecting nearly any attack, with the exeception of a lightsaber. Most importantly, the Stormtrooper Commanders are entrusted with command over the Empire’s elite Shadow Troopers, with authority to call in reinforcements and trigger ambushes without clearance from Imperial high command. Stormtrooper Commanders typically hang back and stun the most threatening enemy, who is then overwhelmed by Shadow Troopers.


Sky Trooper (SKY)


This newest TK from the Expanded Universe was brought to life in the Disney newly revamped Star Tours, “The Adventures Continue” 3-D attraction ride.


The Sky Troopers are a highly trained unit with specially designed armor, with distinctive gray unit markings. Their armor is very light weight, but can withstand high altitudes and the pressure from G-forces. They are equipped and trained with Z-7I Jetpacks. The Z-7I Jetpacks were especially designed with a more stable gyro, a larger fuel tank and higher thrusting power for the Imperial Forces, by Mitrinomon Transports. The Z-7I Jetpack, makes the Sky Trooper units extremely fast and maneuverable, enabling them to get behind enemy lines quickly, and to set up ambushes, when ground troops and large vehicles are unable to do so. Wielding the BlasTech DC-15A and DC-15S, the Sky Trooper units are well known for their marksmanship. They are also trained in the use of hit-and-run attacks and often provide Stormtrooper units with air cover during pitched battles. With the combination of the Jetpack and their marksmanship, the Sky Trooper units are a very formidable weapon for the Empire.


Requrements for the Sky Trooper


In conjunction with working on the other CRL’s, I have also been given the privilege and task of writing and honing the Sky Trooper CRL. So to give everyone a sneak peak into the newest branch of the EU Trooper, without further adieu, here are the Sky Trooper requirements.


The 501st approval requirements are listed in black.


FISD Defines two additional, optional levels of costuming excellence: Expert Infantryman and Centurion. In the page below, requirements for


Expert Infantryman are listed in blue.

Centurion requirements are in red.


Note: The Sky Trooper CRL is still in the draft form and is subject to change.



SKY Trooper CRL:

  • The armor parts shall be made from one of these types of materials or like materials:
  • White fiberglass, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), or HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene.


  • A unit stripe in a medium gray shall be present on the cap of the helmet. The unit stripe starts between the eyes and above the brow and flares out to cover the outer edges of both back traps. (trapezoidal indentations) and ends at the ridge of the cap where the back meets and extends below the bottom of each trap.
  • Variant to the cap unit stripe: You may have a thin silverish white stripe running through the center of the medium gray unit stripe, from the front to the back of the cap.
  • The two side traps (trapezoidal indentations) are kept white.
  • Variant to side traps: You may have a small black horizontal stripe inside of the side traps.
  • Lens may be flat or bubble, smoke or green in color, sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumers eyes.
  • Below the brow, and in between the ears and eyes, a gray trapezoid with a black outline shall be present. These maybe a decal or hand painted or decal that replicates hand painted.
  • Frown is painted black and overlaps the teeth area, with the front of the teeth being highlighted in medium gray. Eight teeth on the frown are cut out.
  • The chin area shall be painted gray.
  • Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black.
  • Chin shall have two hose ports, one on each side of the vocoder, where the ribbed black hoses connect.
  • Tube Stripes, there are two variations that you may have:
  • Variant 1. A solid medium gray stripe, running the length of the tube, with tneds slanting toward the ear. These may be a decal or or hand painted, or a decal that replicates hand painted.
  • Variant 2. Straight stripes, black in color, with medium gray in between the black stripes, numbering between 9 and 16 and slanting toward the ear. These may be a decal, or hand painted, or decals that replicate hand painted.
  • The “ear” bars may have three or four bumps, shall be gray or painted gray, with a black outline. Painting the bumps with rank stripes (highlighted) in black is optional.
  • Tears (area beneath the corner of the eye lenses) are gray with a black outline and have vertical black lines inside the gray area. These maybe a decal or hand painted or decal that replicates hand painted.
  • Mesh maybe used behind the frown to obscure the face of the wearer.
  • Note: The FX helmets is considered deprecated (to be avoided) though is acceptable for Legion requirements.
  • Ears shall have no visible screws.
  • The ends of the frown shall be rounded, not tapered to points (not like ANH).
  • Ear bars shall four bumps only, not three.
  • FX helmets are not allowed.
  • MRCE and/or EFX PCR helmets are not allowed.
  • ANHv2 helmets are not allowed.
  • Lenses shall be bubble, green only.
  • Ear bars shall have only one or two bumps panted in black (rank stripes).
  • Neck trim shall be an s-type profile, rather than a u-type profile.


  • Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, extending from the base of the neck to the top of the Adams apple.


  • The hoses shall be ribbed, black in color, with a 1.25”/ 3.2 cm diameter and be 18” to 21”/ 45.7 cm to 53.3 cm in length. They shall connect from the helmet hose ports to the chestbox side ports.


  • Main body of chest box shall be white.
  • Rectangular box with a rounded bottom, approximately 7” high, 7.25” wide, 2.5” deep, or 17.8 cm high, 18.4 cm wide, 6.4 cm deep.
  • The top edges of the Chestbox are angled at approximately 45 Degrees.
  • Two round medium gray buttons are present on the left side of the top of the chest box.
  • The front of the chest box has five 1” square x 1/8” thick detail pieces, or 2.5 cm square x 0.3 cm thick detail pieces.
  • The configuration of the detail pieces from center to right is:
  • white - center lower
  • gray - top, black lower
  • red - top, red - lower
  • There are three rocker switches (one black, two red) on the left side. The configuration from center to left is: black, red,red.
  • There shall be two small, round, white buttons on the bottom of the black and outer red rocker switches.
  • At the lower part of each side of the chestbox, there shall be a black gear-like greeblie.
  • From the center to the left side of the tube, there shall be 9 medium gray vertical stripes.
  • On the bottom left side of the tube, just below the medium gray vertical stripes, there is a small angled protrusion, approximately 0.75” high x 2” wide, or 1.9 cm high x 5.1 cm wide.


  • These shall be securely mounted in front and may free float in back. They may be affixed with rivets, Velcro, or adhesive.
  • No visible rivets are allowed.
  • Shoulder straps shall not have a flat end at the the ends of them. They shall be ribbed 100%.
  • These shall be affixed in the front (no snaps, rivets or brads shall be visible).
  • These shall be affixed in the back (no snaps, rivets or brads shall be visible).


  • One on each shoulder. The shoulder bells are considered effectively symmetrical; they may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, running through the center and flaring out at the top, shall be present.
  • Shoulder bells are rounded at the corners.
  • No shoulder bell straps across the biceps.
  • Shoulder bells shall have foam padding inside.
  • Shoulder bells shall be slightly pinched and should be worn slightly higher, compared to the ANH/ESB


  • Biceps are fully closed.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, located on the outside of the biceps, shall be present.


  • Forearms are fully closed.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, shall be present on the raised design area that has indention.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, shall be present on the cover strip/overlapping areas.
  • No return edge on the inside of the front of the forearm is allowed.


  • Hand plates shall be medium gray in color.
  • There are two variances of the hand plates. You may choose from one of the variances, but may not mix the variances:
  • Variant 1. Clamshell or snowtrooper-style hand plates.
  • Variant 2. Roughly pentagonal in shape, the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove. As an alternative to plastic, these may be made out of latex or latex-like material.


  • Black in color, made of either rubber, nomex, leather, or leather-like material, with no visible straps or logos/designs. The fingers are enclosed, non-textured.
  • Gloves shall be rubber or rubber like chemical gloves in black.


  • Chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, shall be present on the chest plate. It will start at the bottom of the center of the chest plate and flare out closer to the neck.
  • A white flexible U shaped gasket or molded lip shall be present around all edges, bottom, both sides and neck area.
  • Fabric or elastic strip connecting chest to back shall be either black or not present.


  • Back plate contains a "O II" design.
  • A white flexible U shaped gasket or molded lip shall be present around all edges, bottom, both sides and neck area.
  • Back plate shall have no, or minimal overlap of the kidney plate.


  • Black non-textured material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos/designs.


  • The ab plate has a button area that matches the color pattern shown (3 dark blue + 6 black or all black); buttons are approximately 7/16" in diameter.
  • The three dark blue buttons will be the three buttons closest to the belt.
  • A white flexible U shaped gasket or molded lip shall be present around all edges.
  • Ab plate button detail shall be inverted compared to ANH/ESB.
  • There shall be no visible split rivet/brad on the cod/crotch and no visible rivets or brads on the left or right side of the ab plate, unlike ANH/ESB.


  • It is allowable to have a separate kidney/butt plate for 501st requirements. If a separate kidney plate is used, it shall line up with the ab plate, with the top of the kidney plate being flush to or under the back plate.If a separate butt plate is used, it should be below the bottom of belt and line up with the kidney plate, with minimal gap between it and the kidney plate.
  • The crotch tab of the butt plate area may or may not have visible snaps.
  • A separate kidney/butt plate is not allowed - the kidney and butt plate shall be combined/fused to a single plate/one piece.
  • A white flexible U shaped gasket or molded lip shall be present around all edges.
  • The edges of the hip area should be rounded/curved (not like the straight lines found on the ANH/ESB butt plate).
  • There shall be no visible side rivets on the kidney plate, unlike ANH/ESB suits.
  • There shall be no visible snaps, rivets or brads on the crotch tab of the butt plate tab.


  • Belt face is made of plastic (TK ammo belt).
  • Belt proper is made of canvas, canvas covered material, leather, or vinyl, between 2.25" to 3" wide. The color is to be white to off-white.
  • The drop boxes dangle from the sides of the front plastic belt (ammo belt) via white straps and are aligned under the plastic tabs of the ammo belt.
  • Belt shall be tightly woven nylon/cordura style material, or may be canvas, or canvas covered, and the color is to be white to off-white. Leather or vinyl are not acceptable.
  • Belt shall be between 2.25" and 2.5" wide, not 3" as in ANH/ESB.
  • Belt shall be a tightly woven nylon/cordura style material, and the color is to be white to off-white.
  • There shall be no square buttons covering the belt rivets (there shall be two rivets, one on each side of the ammo belt).
  • Corners of ammo belt shall be cut at right angles, not 45 degrees as in ANH/ESB.
  • Drop boxes are closed in the back.


  • (a.k.a. O2 canister) attaches to the back of the belt. This is a gray cylinder between 2" and 2.5" in diameter with white end caps and a white control panel pad, with controls closest to the right end cap.
  • The thermal detonator needs to be attached via metal clips approximately 1 inch wide, and shall be all gray without silver stickers or silver paint.
  • The thermal detonator control panel shall have correct ROTJ details, not ANH/ESB.


  • Thigh armor shall be closed in the back.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, running vertically and center of the front and rear of both thighs shall be present.
  • The ammo belt shall be installed on the bottom of the right thigh.
  • The thigh ammo belt shall be medium in color.
  • The thigh ammo belt shall be connected by brads/split rivets only - standrad rivets are not acceptable.
  • The bottom corners of the thigh ammo belt shall be rounded off.


  • Greaves close in the back. The trapezoid knee plate (sniper knee plate) is affixed to the left greave and may have two visible brads or rivets securing it to the greave.
  • A unit stripe, medium gray in color, shall be present on the front of both greaves. The stripe is centered, running vertically, and flaring out as it gets closer to the knees.
  • Trapezoidal knee plate (sniper knee plate) shall be medium gray in color, with the small ridge style pattern at the bottom of the sniper knee plate, left white.


  • Leather or leather-like, above ankle height, with a flat sole with a short heel, and small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle with no buckles or laces. Jodhpur/Chelsea-type boots or an equivalent style is acceptable. Elvis or Mariachi boots are not allowed.
  • Boots shall be medium gray in color (even the heel and side of sole).
  • There shall be no seam on the front of the boot (eg. CABoots are not alowed).
  • Boots shall be lightly scuffed.


  • It is allowable to have a holster for the 501st requirements. If a holster is worn, it will be made of black leather or leather-like material
  • Holster is not allowed.



Mitrinomon Z-7I

  • Based on the Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack, but the anti-vehicle homing missile/magnetic grappling hook was removed in the Z-7I and a modified, larger fuel tank was added.
  • It is allowable to use the Merr-Sonn Munitions JT-12 Jetpack for the 501st requirements. But shall have the 9mm warhead removed and the modified, larger fuel tank added. The JT-12 Jetpack should have the bottom thrusters removed and replaced with the correct side thrusters.
  • Note: The Z-6 is the model that Boba and Jango Fett used. The JT-12 Jetpack was the model that Mandalorians Death Watch and Jango Fett also used.
  • The body of the Jetpack shall be white.
  • A wide vertical strip, medium gray in color, shall be located on the center back of the Jetpack.
  • Two, wide, black vertical stripes shall be located on either side of the medium gray center stripe.
  • The two large indentions, just above the vertical black strips on the fuel tank, shall be a medium gray.
  • Black horizontal stripes shall be present on each side of the Jetpack. There are two variances to the black horizontal side stripes. You may choose between these two variances, either 9 or 11 stripes per side. Each side shall have an equal number of stripes.
  • The JT-12 model may be used, but the bottom thrusters shall be removed and replaced with the correct side thrusters.
  • Jetpack shall actually work. Note: A man can dream.

Optional Accessories:




BlasTech DC-15A

  • Blaster rifle may be scratch built out of plastic, wood , metal or cast in resin.
  • Total length should be approximately 56 “ or 142.2 cm.
  • Hyperfirms are allowed
  • Because of the scale, the Hasbro version is not allowed.
  • A total of 10 radiator fins shall be present on the barrel.
  • A power setting adjuster shall be present.
  • The correct style of sniper scope shall be present.
  • Charge magazine lock shall be present on the left side.
  • Power setting adjuster, sniper scope and charge magazine lock shall be metal to gun metal gray in color.
  • Sniper scope should be able to be removed from storage position (bottom of rifle) and be able to be attached to the top of the rifle.
  • Parts of the spare igniter shal be copper in color.
  • Front optical sight should be able to flip to the up position. Any bolts and screws should be a metal to gun metal gray in color.
  • Should have some battle wear.

BlasTech DC-15S

  • Blaster rifle may be scratch built out of plastic, wood , metal or cast in resin.
  • Total length should be approximately 26 “or 66 cm..
  • Hyperfirms are allowed
  • Because of the scale, the Hasbro version is not allowed.
  • Folding stock (does not need to function).
  • A total of 12 radiator fins shall be present on the barrel.
  • Spare igniter shall be present on both sides of barrel.
  • Charge magazine shall be present on the right side.
  • Charge magazine should be a metal to gun metal gray in color.
  • Any bolts and screws should be a metal to gun metal gray in color.
  • Parts of the spare igniter shall be copper in color.
  • Should have some battle wear.


In the very near future, we should have the visuals and verbiage for the Sky Trooper finished. So get ready to strap on you Z-7I Jetpack and hit the sky.


Current EU costume counts:


4 - Incinerator Trooper

12 - Heavy Weapons Trooper

26 - Stormtrooper Commander


For reference:


13 - Stormtrooper: ROTJ


There are more TKC's than ROTJ, and we're one away from having more HWT's than ROTJ. For all people talk about film canon, ROTJ is aside from the ICN the least done TK variant.


With unquestioned loyalty,


Tom Gardner

TK-5940 "RogueTrooper"

Tactical Officer




NEW Code of Conduct


The members of the FISD are a very passionate group of people who put their whole heart into this forum. And, many times their passion gets in the way of logical thought and being civil. In an effort to make the FISD a more pleasant environment, where everyone can enjoy discussing, sharing, and building white armor, a new code of conduct has been adopted to ensure that everyone is treated in a civil manner.



The quotes below are the basic foundation for the new FISD Rules of Conduct.



“How you say something can be more important than what you actually say.”

“Treat others the way you want to be treated."


FISD Code of Conduct:


We want you to feel free to post. But first, a lesson in this forum’s Netiquette (internet etiquette): the Do’s and Don’ts below boil down to the two small words “be nice.”




So, please b.e. n.i.c.e. to each other! If you violate the Don'ts, your post may be removed and you may be banned.




- Start posting. Ask questions, let people know what you’re thinking about, be funny or be serious. You don’t have to write a novel, just break your thoughts down into easily understood bullet points or paragraphs. Don’t go crazy with the color coding, try to avoid one word responses, and don’t yell us by using all-caps.


- Be Tolerant. Show respect when anyone ask a question. Understand that not everyone, especially newer members, have had the time to acquire the knowledge that most seasoned members have acquired. Look at how many post the person asking the question has done. If they have a low number of post, consider that when and if you relpy to their thread.


- Spell check. We don’t expect you to be perfect, but make sure people can understand you. Run a spell check and make sure your grammar makes sense before you post. Remember, people from all parts of the world visit the FISD, so making your post easy to understand is a courtesy (excessive use of "slang" can be very hard for some people to understand).


- Use descriptive & interesting titles. Titles like, “I need help!” does not describe what you’re talking about. Make sure people know what you’re talking about just from reading the title. This will help get your post noticed. Using all-caps or l33t speak won’t.


- Report rule infractions. If you think a post violates the Don’ts below, help us by reporting it. The moderators notice who’s taking care of the community and those people are appreciated greatly. If you see something in a thread that needs to be addressed, please notify a moderator.


- Check the forums for the topic you want to talk about before you post. Someone may have already answered your question or started the conversation.


- Post about topics that don’t have a forum. Can’t find the right forum? Then head to the NCO Club area if you’re posting about a non-Stormtrooper-related item, or the Star Wars genre if appropriate.


- Get creative with your signature. There are some guidelines and rules below. Also huge signatures clutter up threads, Try to keep the size to a minimum.




- Troll, flame, or be offensive. We’ll remove posts that we think are ethically, racially, religiously, sexually offensive, insulting, demeaning, harassing, threatening or just non-constructively negative. We reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or ban any user at our sole discretion.


- Swear or post inappropriate, suggestive or graphic images or videos. Keep it clean. We have a language filter that *bleeps* swear words, but we can’t catch everything. Please don’t try to get around the filter. And, just because the offending word is gone doesn’t mean the sentence is appropriate. We’ll also remove graphic content featuring inappropriate material or language, as well as pornography or anything else the moderators think could be offensive and doesn’t belong on the forum.


- Violate anyone’s privacy or post your own identifying info. We take down public phone numbers, addresses and other personally identifying information.


- Talk about any kind of illegal activities. This is dealt with a strict no-tolerance policy.


- Spam. No advertising, solicitations or promotional material (that includes petitions, arranging boycotts, asking others to vote on a poll, and advertising your personal website or other forum that is not directly related to Stormtroopers or the 501st. No making off-topic or redundant threads, no posting multiple times in a row with nothing new, and no:


* Bumping: making a new post solely to bring it to the top of the thread listing and push down legitimate discussions.

* Quote for Truth (QFT): This applies when you quote someone you agree with, but only contribute a one or two word comment yourself. Try to add something relevant.

* Poll Threads: Polls can be a good way to jumpstart a discussion, but poll threads that don’t encourage any kind of discussion may be edited, locked or deleted.


- Use ASCII characters or capitals. Online, all caps is considered shouting. Doing so will annoy others in the community. Using ASCII characters in either your login name or your posts is considered childish by many. It also makes the administration’s faces hurt.


- BB-Code and Signature Help. You can use limited BB-Code to display graphics and text in your signature. As always, keep it clean – offensive or inappropriate language or imagery is not allowed. Check out the Don’ts above for what we consider offensive.


- Word association games: Just say no. Please refrain from starting and/or participating in word association and/or similar threads. While they can be fun, they do not really contribute (directly or indirectly) to the mission of the FISD. Any such threads will be promptly deleted by the staff.


Mason Carson

TK-4603 "Dashrazor"

Deployment Officer




Forum Updates


Unless you've been on the far side of the Forest Moon of Endor this past month then you've noticed some "changes" on the forums. As always, The Detachment Staff are constantly trying to improve the user experience. Special thanks to newly appointed Admin "ZeroRoom" who did the bulk of the work (and by bulk I mean all) "ZeroRoom" is also the main man behind the 5th Anniversary Newsletter Banner, so you can say he's already earning double his Combat Pay. Welcome Aboard!


For a complete overview of the changes, visit here: http://forum.whitear...=0




Trooper Awards - Congrats to "Matt Black" and "ZeroRoom!"


This month, we are privileged to have 2 Troopers who went above an beyond the call of duty.


"ZeroRoom" - FISD Achievement Award

For many of the reasons discussed above he really stepped up to the plate this month to make sure the Forum Upgrades went smoothly while contributing some wicked Art Work. Congratulations!


"Matt Black" - FISD Trooper of the Month

It's hard to think of a Trooper that defines "Troopers Helping Troopers" better than our very own "Matt Black."


Well, I remember when he was just a young pup, just starting out in the TK world all wide-eyed and gooey faced. Now look at him! A stone cold veteran with numberous kudos, but still keeping that warmth and goodwill that is so rare in the Empire these days.


"Matt Black" went above and beyond when a responding to a thread where a new trooper was looking to better his Blaster. "Matt Black" stepped up and GAVE him an SDS E-11. All in the spirit of giving back to the community that helped him so.


Congrats to you Sir, you set a great example we all should follow. You make us proud!





Swag Alert!


The much anticipated 12" patch to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the FISD, is almost ready to go! We wanted the design to be really outstanding so it took us some time to get it finalized. In the end we could not be happier! Special thanks to Synaptyx for another AMAZING piece of Artwork!




The FISD Needs Your Help!

Once again THE EMPIRE NEEDS YOU! We've received some feedback that as the forums have grown they've gotten too big and too confusing, e.g. it may be hard to know which of the forums to go to in order to find an ANH build thread. Is it in builds? ANH? Advanced ANH? We'd like to ask your suggestions on how we can re-organize the forums to make information easier to find. Let us know your thoughts!



Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/@FISD501st


With unquestioned loyalty,


Matt MacNeil

TK-4887 "Shooter"

Public Relations Officer


On behalf of the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff.


End Transmission.


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Awesome work as always guys! Thanks so much for the Acheivment Award - it's an honor and very humbling in the face of the five years of amazing work put in by so many of the staff around here.


Here's to 2016 and "Holo- FISD" :D

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Hey...great news....cool patch, but the lightsaber....Stormtrooper and lightsaber, i don't know :huh:



Both the TKC and INC have Lightsabers, plus the original concept of the stormtrooper that Ralph Mcquarrie did back in 1975/76, the TK's had Lightsabers or at the time, they were called laser swords....... see pix:







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:shok: ho already an CRL eib and centurion for the sky trooper whoua great work. :icon_bow:



Thanks Laurent, I did my best. There were some long grueling nights, though.


There was nothing to go on for the gun. The Clone CRL doesn't have any info/requirements for the DC-15A and DC-15S Blasters, which are the same weapons that the Sky Trooper's use. Also, there was nothing for the Z-6 jetpack, which the Z-7I is based on. I did a lot of research to come up with the best info for the requirements.


Basically breaking new ground, and that is what I love.



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Tom (RogueTrooper), Mason (Dashrazor), Lucas (ZeroRoom), Aaron (Synaptyx), and Matt (Shooter) all deserve the kudos on this. All worked very hard to create what you see and it came together under a very tight deadline.


They say there is no "I" in team, and I'm grateful for having such dedicated troopers on staff.

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Tom (RogueTrooper), Mason (Dashrazor), Lucas (ZeroRoom), Aaron (Synaptyx), and Matt (Shooter) all deserve the kudos on this. All worked very hard to create what you see and it came together under a very tight deadline.


They say there is no "I" in team, and I'm grateful for having such dedicated troopers on staff.


Much appreciated guys! I would love to contribute more but I just don't have time. I'm glad there are people that can step up and take care of business :) Thanks to all of you!

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Tom (RogueTrooper), Mason (Dashrazor), Lucas (ZeroRoom), Aaron (Synaptyx), and Matt (Shooter) all deserve the kudos on this. All worked very hard to create what you see and it came together under a very tight deadline.


They say there is no "I" in team, and I'm grateful for having such dedicated troopers on staff.


When I say this, I not just speaking for myself but all the staff and the FISD members as well.....


Without you Paul, we would not be were we are today, and we are grateful for having you as our DL. :salute:



To quote John Quincy Adams:


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

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Both the TKC and INC have Lightsabers, plus the original concept of the stormtrooper that Ralph Mcquarrie did back in 1975/76, the TK's had Lightsabers or at the time, they were called laser swords....... see pix:







Thanks Tom for sharing... :)

Btw...i know the concept by Mcquarrie...nevertheless i don't like a Stormtrooper with a lightsaber :glare: ...a good Stromtrooper has a good old E-11 blaster B)

Are the other 2 pics from the game "The force unleashed?

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Thanks Tom for sharing... :)

Btw...i know the concept by Mcquarrie...nevertheless i don't like a Stormtrooper with a lightsaber :glare: ...a good Stromtrooper has a good old E-11 blaster B)

Are the other 2 pics from the game "The force unleashed?


The pix of the INC and TKC are from "The force unleashed".


I think what the game designers were trying to do with the INC and TKC, was to bring some flavor of the Ralph McQuarrie TK concept..


This is same thing that Lucas did throughout the Prequels, to dig up old concepts that never made it into the original Trilogy. Just like some of the concept costumes for Princess Leia that were never used, were brought back for Padme and the same goes for some of the other costumes throughout the Prequels, plus, vehicles and weapons that were a concept for the OT. For example, the original concept for the AT-AT was a short stocky vehicle with multiple wheels. As you know the ESB AT-AT ended up as a very tall machine with four legs. But, when it came time to make a vehicle for the Clone army, the original concept for the AT-AT was brought in and made into the Clones Turbo Tank. I could keep going on, but the list is rather lengthy.


I know how you feel, I love the E11 blaster ..


to quote Han Solo: "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." :D

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I really think the only reason the TKC and INC in the screenshots are wielding lightsabers is because it's the maincharacter in a different skin. You can also be Jango Fett and other bounty hunters and "skins" that are wielding lightsabers. Does that mean that Jango Fett should wield a light saber as well?

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