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RedSpecial's ANH Stunt AP Build

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I got a big brown box of plastoid goodness in the mail the other day , so I've been working away trying to do as much as I can each day.


First i marked out the eyes and teeth on the faceplate



Then nervously trimmed them out.



Then I test fitted the cap and back, Im going for a low brow , just out of personal preference




After alot of trimming fitting and more trimming I finally got one of the ears on



Then I attached the other ear and started to apply the Dave M decals that I bought from TK4510





After that I painted the vocoder


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That was pretty much it for the helmet until the paint dried, so I started to trim some of the armor pieces



24 hours later the vocoder had dried and I was able to paint the ears and frown. there are pencil marks on the frown that make the edges seem thicker than they are on the ends.





fast forward another 24 hours to today and Ive installed the Lens, frown mesh, neck trim and padding




So thats where Im up to for now, tonight i start trimming the arms and legs in preparation for the scary part :shok:

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Have you thought about requesting EIB or Centurion status? You might want to check those requirements out before finishing the legs. I am referring to the way the ammo pack is on the right thigh and the sniper plate is on the left shin and the manner in which you connect them to the legs.

I love the AP armor!!!! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see you suited up!!!

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Thanks Steve :)

Im hoping to go for centurion eventually so I plan on gluing the sniper plater on and attaching the ammo knee with glue and brads on the sides.

Ive been trying to build it following along with the centurion requirements as I go (no return on the wrists etc)

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Whew!!! I know that there are plenty of builds that finished the legs with regular rivets and then looked up the Centurion requirements and said (insert "Tim the tool man grunt) "oh no!!!"

Good on ya that you planned ahead!!! Build away!

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Last night I managed to put an arm together, It should be ready to try tomorrow.



Tonight Im going to tidy up all the edges on the pieces that I've trimmed so far and trim as many of the left over pieces as possible.

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Not a lot to report this time because Ive been at the Glasgow show and parade troop with the UKG all day.


I did get to install a set of Hovi's that were very kindly given to me By TK6598 :)




And I also de-clamped the arm pieces, I just need to Trim the joining strips at the top of the forearm to follow the cutout.



Thats it for today, Im gonna just take it easy tonight and jump back into it tomorrow.


Before i forget does anyone have any recommendations for polishing this stuff up to a good shine?

Ive heard both novus and auto glym might work ?

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Today I made a start on the strapping system (Thanks to Firebladejedi for the great interior strapping thread), this is about as far as I could go with it without glue.


and I also trimmed and sanded the edges smooth on some of the smaller parts.



Next up Im going to trim the legs to be assembled once the e6000 arrives and I may build the belt if I have time.


I also bought the paint that I need for my e11 so I'll paint that as soon as we get a break in the weather.

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Thanks Alexander !


I used 1 inch elastic for the strapping and 1/12 inch white elastic for the shoulder straps.


Ok, I only got 2 inch elastic, is it too wide or can i use it? I haven't started strapping yet.

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Thanks Rob :)


Today I sorted the belt (minus cover plates and drop boxes), added snaps to the butt and a brad with strapping to the cod.


Heres how it looks so far:


the back looks slightly off due to they way Im standing (hurt my shoulder riveting)





And heres a closeup of the cod connections



Next up is strapping the sides of the ab and kidney section togther then its on to assembling the other arm and legs.


I still haven't decided which way Im going to attach the holster yet.

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