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Irocink33's Doopys E-11 Hasbro build

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I know there are a lot of these posts here, but I am going to just throw this one up there as well. It shows my progress so far. and please comment on or criticise, I need all the help I can get.


First Picture is the comparison. The bottom blaster is a bit older and was given to me by my nephew. And will be my spare blaster later on.


I halved the blaster to be able to access the circuitry and other stuff.


Hollowed out the sights because that screw really isn't needed any way, and this makes it look a bit better


Hollowed out the back rail to make it look a bit more authentic


Here you can see the sanded down letters and the removal of the bottom rail where the new holes will be drilled.


The unfinished side where I still have to grind down the t-rack, smooth it and get it ready for drilling new holes.


The doopys kit.


As you can see, the front of the muzzle dosen't have the 2 screws that are seen on other props. I plan to rectify that after a bit of research as to the proper screws. I will trim them, glue the heads of the screw on the front before paint.



That's what I got for now. Still a bit more work before attaching the doopys kit, but it will be worth it.

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Thanks, still have alot of work to do.


For the people that drilled the holes in the right side, is there a template, or how did you find locations and measurements for placement of the holes?

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I ended up just riping it apart with a 7 level screwdriver. The lead femtrooper ga e me a great tip and told me that an empty roll of scotch tape fits right over that end of the scope. Then I will just get some plastic disks from a flashlight to glue on it for the sticker application. It works great, but my blaster has taken a backburner now as I have my tk armor and am workiing on that. But i'll pick it back up soon.

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Well, the blaster build is taking longer than expected. My friend wanted it so that he can work electronics into it for my b-day present. So I had to stop working on it so he can get some electronics in it.


So I started working on my back up blaster and got that sanded down for the most part. Guess I will have to order another doopys kit for this since my primary blaster is going to be out of commission for a while.

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Alright, more pictures comming tonight of the doopys kit on it, and the primer on it. Sorry, I didn't get the play by play, but I am in a bit of a time crunch, and have time tonight to take pics. BUt everything is on, and it has 1 coat of primer on it right now.

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So my blaster is complete. Sorry I don't have more pics, but I have as much as I am going to have now. Maybe more on the next one. But for now, I was in a time crunch and really didn't have that much time to be taking pictures. I just needed to finish.




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So wondering did you ever find a site or template for the holes that needed to be drilled on the barrel or did you just eyeball it?

Also on the bottom of the barrel before you put the doopys kit on did you have to remove the small bit of plastic that hands down?

Just starting the clean up of my 1st Hasbro e-11 I got, and waiting on the doopys kit to arrive.

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