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a request for folding stock photos

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I have a request for those who own real sterling E-11's. :icon_beg:


Would someone kindly post some detailed pics of the folding stock? I would like to see inside the folding stock, particularly the metal slide part that is inside the handle. I think this will help a lot of folks who want to make a proper folding stock. In addition, some detailed shots of the way the key hole and folding stock attach together on the barrel, all of the reference shots I have do not magnify with enough detail for me.


I would also like to know what the angle degree for the magazine is. Asking for angle between front of barrel and mag.


Thank you


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Ok, hope this helps. I can't find anything to take the angle for you in person but here's some pictures of the stock. If you need anymore just ask. I've got a spare, new one in a draw somewhere that I'll dig out. It's just it's late over here and it's easier to find the SMGs.


This is the slot in to which the stock locks on the body of the Sterling.



This is the latch that moves back and forward as you move the butt plate.





The butt plate slides across the arm with the 'ooooo's in it. There is a sprung plate inside to hold it in place. To release it and collapse the stock you press this plate.




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I have put that on the forum before!


here's the post!






the post above shows some interesting details.


here's a couple photos from the original thread.

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Sam and Vern,

Thank you so much!!! With Your contributions, I now understand. I really appreciate the fast replies :DB)

Very cool indeed


Now I just need to make it from plastic and wood ;)

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APEX sells the real thing.


even ships to california!


getting the magazine is another story!


Thanks, I will definately step away from the plastic eventually Vern. When funds are available to go metal, I am there. Right now I am more interested in fabricating the look with found objects, and showing how I did it. It would be awsome to have a metal replica with moving parts like the one R2Dan has.


Sorry that I somehow missed your post of the stock from last year. I always have trouble with the search engine and spend a lot of time scrolling back in time for posts. I guess I did not go back far enough, very usefull indeed.


Do you know the angle of the mag?



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Purchased a few decommissioned magazines for the E 11 specifically. I can get some more (maybe, if the antique store is not sold out)I am very interested in the folding stocks too.




i apologize the magazines that I have are for 5.66 rounds. The Sterling L2A3 used 9MM. Sorry about that.

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