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My room guard

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Hi all


I took an old mannequin I have and have made my mock up guard.


The helmet will be a few weeks work and will be on the back burner until I get my TD ready and finish my other commitments.


In the mean time, he will be guarding my room, if I can fit him in :D


I wont be wearing him, it is just another display piece.


Best wishes to you all


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Thanks guys, as you know i collect far too much, but I hope to move house in a couple of years and as we hve no children ( married 20 yrs) we decided a 2 bed with a large garage would be better than our 3 bed now, which is not 3 bed really as I have a small box room and over doing that.


The garage will then be mine and I will convert it to an out house, I am collecting so I can have the true props room I have always wanted, and my wife is actually happy, as the house will then be SW tidy, ish :-)


I will go minimal then but quality, which I probably have, just need a bigger room.


best wishes



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I am surprised the Sidi Driss pic has not been picked up over his right shoulder, below my wife pic, shucks holiday, but worth it to sit in Lukes humble abode :-)



I have travelled the world, it was shucks as I had some 19 year old telling me to sing, 'The wheels on the bus on every trip' grrrr

My wife only went as she knew how much i wanted to see it, I only went for that too, 10mins, but every min counted.


Was nice to see the sunset in the SaharaFelt strange to see a WALLS ice cream machine just outside where luke left 3PO though :-)



Salt plains are really beautiful



This is my normal face, I was squinting as it was so bright

but with my lovely Cath, the Salt PlainsCopyoftunisia095.jpg

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"Uncle Owen, the water tank has leaked again"

"Well Luke, you know what that means... at least another season for you"

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