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Who is VT and who has proof?


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IIRC recasting is outside the remit of the 501st?


Not true:


Council Resolution 1: Legion's Stance on Recasting

Vote completed on 03/13/2006: 35 Yes; 10 No; 3 Abstain

Reference Link

Resolution: The 501st Legion does not condone, support, or encourage re-casting. It is, however, outside of the scope of this club's mission, charter, authority, jurisdiction, and purview to consume our time and energies as a volunteer organization in efforts to prosecute those who, of their own volition, choose to engage in re-casting.

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Ermmm why not just ask straight out ??

Mike are you or did you used to be VT? - you have been straight forward with your latest helmets so if you used ot be VT then fess up and lets all move on, aslong as you are honest from now on i dont think anyone will really care anymore.

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