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Anyone want a knockoff kids helmet for $1,700!


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I love it when people find a piece of crap and automatically assume it's their ticket to infinite wealth!



Yeah, but free shipping.

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i've seen the cartoon that it's from. it's not a stormtrooper (obviously) lol. but i dont think its all too old. either way, i have to laugh at the "it has been used and played with but i have not seen another one on ebay so i have decided to take a leap and put it out here" haha. as if that detail makes it suddenly priceless. same time... if i spent that much for a lousy helmet that might have cost 30 bucks... shipping better darn well be free. :P

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ya know, that sticker with the lightning bolt... and the textured plastic its made from looks incredibly like a "lightsaber" i had when i was a kid. It was basically a glow in the dark sword. and im 90% sure it had a sticker on it just like that. If im right,m this is old, star wars era..like somewhere between 78-80 or so. Probably rare for what it is but, obviously not what he thinks he has. "the first stormtrooper helmet to hit the market"....ummmmmm no lol

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Have reported the listing as having a misleading title based on the rationale that this is not a Lucasfilm licensed Star Wars Stormtrooper product. ;):lol:

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I remember this helmet style from childhood - one of the many non-licensed things that hit the market. Remember there was HUGE Demand and VERY LITTLE supply for Star Wars stuff in the early days, so these type of things were everywhere.


On a related note - a nice kids helmet is a converted Disney Bank. I'm almost done mine, and will post up pics - cut out the neck, eyes, teeth, put in some foam and green lenses, add some rubbertrim and black paint detailing, and - presto!


For $24$ that disney charges, its a cheap and fun project.

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Here is the first Stormtrooper helmet (he should do some research before he sells ;) )



Look what I found though! The first C3P0 robot toy!! Should be worth millions since it was before Star Wars! How did they know?! Maybe it is time travel!!! Talk about getting a jump on the market!!! ;)


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