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HOW to: assembling ATA ABS helmet #1

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Greetings Troopers! I know a great many builders use this awesome thread for guidance while assembling helmets, and since I love printed resources, I created a PDF document of Terry's tutorial. When viewed on a computer, and possibly other devices, the Table of Contents is clickable and scrolls the document straight to the selected topic. I've also compiled several other threads in this same fashion, and that post can be found in the Getting Started forum. I hope this can be helpful to anybody who stumbles across it!

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I had the distinct pleasure of assembling the first ATA ABS lid. This is just how I do it, it's not the way everyone does it, it might not be screen accurate assembly to 1976 standards, I use unortho

Completed ATA ABS helmet #1 as delivered to it's new owner. I hope this is a helpful guide for those building a helmet, it just takes some extra time and care and you can build an awesome helmet too.

Trim the back edge and neck openings   Overall trimming complete, sand the edges if you want to remove any burrs / flash   Mark the eye openings with a pencil, follow the indentations

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