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How many armors, helmets and blasters do you own ?


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2 x TK armour

1 x TD armour

10 x TK helmets

1 x McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Helmet

1 x Kashyyyk Trooper armour and helmet

1 x Vader Helmet

2 x Real Sterling SMG’s

8 x Replica E11’s (plus another 6 as a work in progress)

2 x SE-14r

1 x DLT-19

2 x MG-15

1 x T21

1 x DC15 short

1 x McQuarrie Concept blaster

1 x DL-44

1 x EE-3

1 x Merr-Sonn Power-5








Never ask for pictures when Steve-SW1 is about mate :D



Yer you know that Billy ;) i dont think this server could cope with pics of the amount of stuff you have Bill :P

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ANH TK (ATA armor)

5 clone troopers with helmets

1 extra clone helmet above those.

Boba Fett (rotj)

Pre Vizsla

tusken raider

rebel fleet trooper

My wife's Cody and AT-AT driver

Jango helmet,

holiday special Boba helmet


boba fett ee3

original graflex luke light saber

maul fx saber

assorted clone weapons

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