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scratchbuilt HWT bazooka

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well when i built the first one i had very little good references



iv built several of these ;)


V2 http://s880.photobuc...zor/bazooka/v2/

V3 http://s880.photobuc...zor/bazooka/v3/

V4 http://s880.photobuc...razor/zook%203/


and another





now that we have better reference materials i keep refining the design ;)

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I'm planning on beginning construction of a minimag here very soon. was wondering what you used for the mid-section of the launcher, where you have the scope mounted. Is that wood pieced together in a box around the tube? Same thing for the caps on the ends of the tubes? I need to do a little browsing in the PVC section of the hardware store, but I think I can remember seeing PVC hex-shaped fitting pieces that would be great for it.


Love your design! I definitely will borrow some ideas.



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Recently I have been contacting a fellow tropper and was interested in picking up his scratch build HWT Rocket Launcher. He was offering $100, but I would have to go where he is and pick it up. From where I am in OH to Flint, MI would be 3 and half hour drive x2, plus gas and tolls. I'm now gravitating towards bulding my own. The main PVC drainage pipe looks pretty easy to pick up and couplings. The details, like the middle box, wouldn't know how to get that. I have a hard rubber 9mm Beretta (used for hand/hand practice fighting) that I can use for the pistol grip. Can anyone help me ou point me in the right direction?

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