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V3 flamethrower


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On 12/12/2010 at 11:31 AM, Daetrin said:

You make me want to do an ICN just for the flamethrower. That's insane - excellent job :salute:


Ditto this!!!

Totally amazing! 


Make one out of a "super soaker" water-gun and then you can fill it with rubbing alcohol and light it up!

(we used to do that in college... insane college that is...)

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i added a fully functional control panel and internal electronics (with a DIY plasma generator) :P




VID (all blasters are kid tested and trooper approved) JK :P

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Wicked! Mason - you single handedly are making EU TK's cool on these boards :)


I agreed !!

But the sounds look like blaster ones, not flamethrower, don't you think ? :P


Great idea ;)

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it has several different sounds that can be altered (pitch and speed) i only demonstrated a couple ;) after the holidays i will start work on a new sound board with programmable sounds/ usb interface and super bright LED's


i need something more specialized for HWT bazookas

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