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Air and Scare, October 23, 2010

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These are photos from the Air and Scare event that Garrison Tyrannus participates in annually. It was a long troop (about six-plus hours), but it was a blast, and we all received an overwhelming amount of love from the kids that were there. It was impossible to move more than about a step without getting stopped for multiple photos, and everyone who attended had a great time.


I rocked my new HWT kit for the first time, and wanted to thank Quartermaster for his fast, professional job on my pack, Lewis for my awesome new DLT-19, and Brian for all his help in getting the kit together.


So, without further ado...







































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Awesome photos, looks like it was an amazing troop!. Your HWT looks great, and the backpack is very cool looking, especially how it lights up on the back! B)

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This troop is without a doubt the high point of the Garrison Tyranus trooping season, attracting not just the majority of the garrison, but support from Old Line Garrison (our neighbors in Maryland), the Rebel Legion, R2 Builders, and a host of other fan groups.


The place was insanely packed - last year's estimate was upwards of 16,000 museum visitors during the 2pm-8pm event - and the museum staff said this year was even more well-attended. I'm told at times it took nearly an hour just to get into the parking lot. Even near the end, there were visitors still coming in the door. From the time you leave the dressing room you can't walk 3 paces without being stopped for photos, and flash mobs for photos were a common occurance. :P


We were very well taken care of by the museum staff - no paying to troop required here. Preferred parking, free food & drinks, a spacious dressing room to change and hang out in during breaks, a premium spot for the fan table complete with free electricity, hands-on support from the museum staff, etc. If anyone is in the Washington D.C. area in late-October next year, you'd be more than welcome to participate. For this event, we simply can't have enough troopers. B)


Oh, and the inexpensive trooper radio comms setup I talked about in this thread worked pretty well. Still some bugs to be addressed - mostly in terms of proper radio procedures - but it validated in a large-scale setting both the concept and the inexpensive, readily-available technology used to implement it, and will be refined at future troops.

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I was supposed to have gone to this as a member of the RL, however, I havent gotten to send my pics in for my approval yet.. Looks like I missed another fine event...Hopefully I should be able to make it next year and I will be in a much better off showing in armor instead of a robe...:)

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