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TE vs. AP

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Saw this on the sandy boards regarding some changes in the AP molds and how they are now even more different from the original TE molds they came from:


One, The original TE molds from which the AP is derived from, fit together perfectly when assembled with strips overlaying the seams. The molds are clean in that they line up.


On the AP, However, I think the molds have been tampered with, more so with the thigh pieces, which I'll go on record saying he or someone else purposely made them larger to fit larger legs. On the last two AP kits I assembled, I had to cut a substantial amount away to get them to look like the TE legs. Problem is, when you do this, they don't line up as nicely as the TE legs do. So at that point, it really does not matter if they're overlapped or not because the original look has already been altered.


Full thread is here: http://www.mepd.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=...&highlight=


This is good info to know for people planning on an armor purchase. The original FX thighs were also narrower before the new barrel thighs became the standard. Now it looks like AP is following the trend as well, leaving only RT & TE(2) to have originally scaled leg sizes.

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The problem with AP thighs is that it sounds as though he has moved the joining strip to accommodate larger people.The original ANH armour did NOT have these joining strips moulded into the armour like on a TE or AP suit and as such could be made to fit different width legs (not much mind you,but a little).The moulded joining strips are only featured on ROTJ suit's which is where TE's moulds originate.Now when you build up TE or AP armour you basically have to just fit the clam shells together and that's it,no room for adjustment without tampering with the moulded strips.ANH armour was butted up against each other then the strips held them together.



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Something else of interest you may already know;

AP arms, consisting of the gauntlet, bicep, and shoulder bell are identical for left and right, as opposed to being "mirrored" or different like TE2 (current name for TE) or TM. Same story on the AP shins. Also, the cap & back on the helmet looks about the same on the AP as it did on the GF it came from, however the faceplate appears to have been re-done, as it doesn't have the "over-cleaned" soft look of the original GF helmets.

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Current AP shoulders don't have 'swoops' on them, and TE/TE2 does?

I think I have that part right.


If I've ever seen, live and in person a suit of TE/TE2, I'm not aware of it. Keep in mind, I'm fairly new to all of this, and when trooping, I'm usually more worried about the troop then checking out other peoples armor.


But I was listening to a discussion before a parade the other weekend, and some troopers were saying that TE/TE2 armor is thinner than AP, and doesn't seem to hold up to hard trooping as well.


If someone could please confirm, deny, or just go HUGH? I'd appreciate it!

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Current AP shoulders don't have 'swoops' on them, and TE/TE2 does?


Just started working on my TE2 and can confirm they have the swoops.

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TE2 is .093 HIPS, AP is .080 ABS.

I thought with guage the smaller the number, the thicker the material?

That said, does anyone have a chart of plastic guage to thickness? I found one once, but didn't book mark it :( I know aluminum versus stainless uses a different chart, so I assume there is one specific to plastic?

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yup AP has bubble lenses and the TE is flat greeen ;)



Here is my stupid question...Which helmet is considered to be the best and or more accurate? :huh:

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Short answer? TE2 is the closest you can get to a screen used helmet that is readily available. The original TE - IIRC - did a scan of the actual Set for Stun helmet and had a run done in fiberglass, then when they're all gone will break said molds. Now that would be even closer, but they are few and far between.

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AP kits don't have the same shins. AP kits don't have finishing strips moulded onto the thighs.


those concepts are COMPLETELY WRONG


the kit can be assembled in either the overlap or butt end join methods.


there's a lot of misinformation being shared about the AP kit.


my AP kit is number 11... I think panda trooper actually has number 12


my kit's shins, and thighs are all completely different parts.

none of them fit together.


as for the modifications to the size of the thigh... I don't see any

comparison to the FX kit's thighs at all..


so this is another example of a thread with FALSE information being spread as




all the leg parts... when sorted correctly almost fit perfectly together.


the only parts you need to trim are small areas near the bottoms

to help line up the parts after you apply some torque to them.


the shoulder bells "swoop" when you put them over the bicep in the correct position.

the angle of the shoulder bell, and the resulting swoop depends upon 2 factors.


the distance of the width of your shoulders creates the angle at the vertical line

the width of the bicep armor, when pushed up as High as it can go...

creates a spread in the shoulder bell... and this translates to a nice

swooped look.


the best course of action would be to have an interview with AP himself... and he can

openly tell you all the details you want about the AP kit.


problem here I see is that owners of the AP kit need to stand up and clear up

these issues before someone who does not even OWN the kit starts spreading

their "opinons about it"


if the AP kit's thighs have been modded, then ask the maker?

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The "swoop" in the shoulders refers to the ornamental ridge sculpted into the original ANH mould, not that angle at which the armor is worn, nor the curve of how it's trimmed or any other superficial/assembly characteristic. It's IN the part. The original suits had one shoulder bell where the ridge "swoops" backwards. AP kits don't have it. Both shoulders are identical. As are the biceps.


You can very clearly see both shoulders are the same in the AP kit.


And in the screen grab of Han's suit in ANH, you can easily see that one shoulder has a pronounced, evident swoop in the ridge. (Thanks, Tony, for the image)


These aren't subtle intricacies, visible only to people who own AP armor.

They're clearly visible in photos. They're fairly obvious physical characteristics.

Which is why SO many people have noted them in threads like these.



AP kits DO reuse one half of one shin on both legs.




AP DOES have the ROTJ overlap moulded into ALL the arm and leg pieces.


Trust me, dude-- no one here is trying to advance misinformation, or suppress the truth from coming out, or pick on you..


But unless AP has made some HUGE modifications to his kit we're all unaware of, the stuff you've asserted here simply isn't correct.

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Guys, this thread is over 3 years old. Alot has been found out about movie suit and costume kits over the last several years.


If you feel that passionately about it feel free to start a new thread. The thread is now closed for necroposting.

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