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TM Replica ANH suit.

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Did you prime the plastic first before painting?


preparation is the key for a good paint job.the trick is to paint your suit in such a way that when you have finished it does not look like you have painted it.

first job wash your plastic warm soapy water,this get rid of any grease.


Key you Plastic first with some 600-800 grit sand paper.Then wash off the dust,dry it or let it dry.


The primer paint first off needs a tack coat,(very light covering) leave for 45-ish seconds,now the plastic is ready for the cover coat or coats.Again this does not have to be heavey keep the can moving up and down left to right.leave 30 seconds between coats.Then put the part by for 24 hours as a rule.


now the primer can be sanded to take off any over spray then washed just with water dryed ready for the top finishing coat.


Do this the same as the primer thin layers keep the can moving and about 6-8 inches away from your part.Again in an ideal world a good 24 hours for the paint to cure.I have put krylon away for a week before the final process before now.


The final and i feel most important part of painting a suit is the final polishing sand,with wet and dry paper 1500 grit and use it wet.Do small areas at a time and wipe away the past it forms with a cloth.You will see painted plastic turn into white glass.


finally,novas or T-cut for a super deep shine,stand back pat your self on the back job well done.

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Can you do a parts & supplies list for the internal strapping? I'm particularly interested in the strapping that connects the back, kidney, and butt plates. I'd also like to know what glue you used for the straps, the type of snaps used, etc.

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Ok this is for our lazy sandtrooper :P


1.The weathering has all been achieved by just using news paper.Some flat some screwed up.it works very well on the overall suit for some nice even grime.Worked a little harder on edges for knocks and scratches.heavey scratches with rubber trim.Slight and i mean slight yellowing with pastals here and there.


The Hdpe effect are real paint chips.prim the helmet with grey primer,use your Hdpe colour,then use masking fluid for your chips.I also added white glue for paint runs in some key areas at this stage.prim again with white primer,and finally the top coat.After 4 hours or so picked the masking fluid off to reveal the green/beige hdpe colour.


The suit is a very flexable type of ABS it has a beige colour to it raw.It is 1mm thick.


The suit has been painted,I really do not know if the originals were painted,some new pictures out suggest they are some do not.I had no doubt in my mind that this plastic would have to be painted as the raw ABS was way off from being white.


The weathering used on this suit would not have the same effect on raw plastic as it has on painted plastic.


Thanks for your reply bro.


You have taken this hobby, together whit Paul up to a higher level for sure.


TM the master suit, you the top class assembler of it.


Now i´m just thinking... damn i better do the same... PPhhew :D


Once again, freaking beautiful suit Pete.


Congrats from here, its a piece of art :)

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Trust me when I say this looks even better in the flesh.

Pete your build and Paul's suit- you guys have seriously helped take things to another level.

Thank you both for sharing.

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Pete, these comments echo throughout your build.....









































It's a dictionary of your work, mate. ;)


You always set the bar VERY high, be proud! :duim:

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Amazing job Pete! Well done!


What type of glue did you use to attach the straps to the armour though?...

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Amazing job Pete! Well done!


What type of glue did you use to attach the straps to the armour though?...


The Glue used is a white,pvc resin solvent based.Uk only.For everyone state side i would use white E6000.

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Wow! This is a level of detail that is outstanding and awe-inspiring.


I have a few questions about the strapping setup. Forgive me if these have been asked already.


Are suspenders used in any way in this setup? I know a lot of troopers connect suspenders to the top of there ab and kidney plates. Also, the top straps connecting chest and back, those are canvas or a canvas like material, right? I'd seen that MEPD has adopted that as part of the deployed status. How wide are those straps?

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There are no adjustable straps on this suit or the original ANH armour. The screen used armour was one size fits all. If you did not fit the armour, you did not wear it. But, you can strap this kit is such a way to fit a larger or smaller frame while keeping the original strapping set up.


The straps on the shoulders are 2" white elastic. The MEPD have got it all wrong regarding these straps. It was hought years ago that these straps were canvas but they are elastic as seen in the photos from the LFL archives.

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