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TK-2918 Requesting ESB EIB status[AM][APPROVED] 2nd

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Finished my new kit in time for C5 - time to see if all the work paid off.


The kit is mostly AM but assembled in a non-standard way (used butt-joins with overlay strips versus the standard overlapping seams), and with RT Mod chest/back/straps, and TM helmet & handplates.







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The country I'm deployed to has blocked the pics. Lame...

I have the AM armor and was considering doing something like that. How is the color matching? Pretty close? My VT helmet is a similar shade of white so I was thinking of getting some of his parts.

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The color match is pretty close, but what's most noticeable between AM and RT Mod is the difference in gloss. AM is extremely glossy, RT not so much. When I get some time, I plan to polish up the RT parts to try to bring them up to a similar gloss level. I know it doesn't help now, but if you refer to my build thread I compare the two side-by-side.


I think replacing the chest and back plate makes a real difference in the overall look, and were really the only AM parts I was unhappy about.

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I think you look awesome Brian - I don't really notice the color issue really in the photos. The RT chest/back go very well indeed with the AM kit. You look lean, mean, and ready to rumble * :Laser:




* nod to our 4 year old banner sig

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Don't know how I missed this thread. ESB EIB approved.




Brian, you look frigging awsome mate, well done fella :duim:






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