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Hi all...I'm new here looking around and getting the feel of things.


I am with the Redback Garrison - Brisbane, Australia. I have been with them for just a couple of weeks. I have met some of the guys and girls at an AP and they are great...loads of info and willing to help.


I'm just looking around and trying to get as much info as possible so when I get my armour I can start and feel confidient when I build.


So please if you have any tips or any other useful or not so useful info please let me know...the more knowledge I have the better I can try and make my build.


I am going TK ANH Hero...so I am trying to get as many photos tips how to stuff to make it as good as I can and even try for EIB.


So I hope to hear from you guys soon so I can pick your brains...


Take care...CYA


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