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TK-9763 Request EIB Status – ANH Stunt[124][AM]

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Greetings FISD!


NOTE BEFORE READING: I just submitted pics my TK pics to my local GML for approval (on 7/3/10), so I recognize that this EIB request can't be official until after I'm cleared at the garrison and legion level. Nonetheless, wanted to go ahead and post my EIB pics for preliminary review.


Here's the backstory:

- Caught the costuming bug last year after my girlfriend and I decided to go to a local costume party as Vader and Padme

- Worked for several months on Vader, completed it, then joined the legion in March of this year

- Began trooping and started to really admire/appreciate the look of the classic stormtroopers

- Heard about FISD, registered and began reading all the great resource info about putting together a quality Stormtrooper

- Purchased an AM kit, linked up with some local Garrison members, and after five weeks of late nights (...AND lots of ABS cement, painters tape, snips, clamps, rivets, snaps, velcro :lol:), I think I'm almost ready to call this one done.


Here's the rundown of what's included:

- Armor: AM

- Helmet: AP

- Blaster: Modified Hasbro w/ Doopydoos resin kit, additional t-track and D-ring attached

- T-track: Smitty

- D-ring: Karin/Sonnenschein

- Mic Tips: Air-ship Hovi Mix speakers

- Neck Seal: TK 409

- Lenses: Green acetate film facing outside, with green welder’s shield from TK-4510 on inside

- Gloves: Nomex

- Boots: TK Boots

- Belt: Rob/TKittel

- Holster: Anrev holster, attached to belt with two rivets

- Abdomen plate buttons: Testors No. 1772 Model Master (Blue Angel Blue) and Testors No. 1138 (Gray)

- 3 rivets on left side of abdomen, 1 snap on right side

- 3 rivets left side of kidney

- Split between back and butt plates, respectively.

- Rivets attaching ammo pack and sniper plate, respectively

- Shoulder straps are free floating, with thin white elastic straps holding them down


Want to also offer a huge "thank you" to everyone that offered their advice, support and encouragement with this build. Assuming my GML ultimately gives me the thumbs up, here are my submission pics requesting EIB status for soon-to-be TK-9763. Please feel free to offer suggestions and/or recommendations, and I look forward to hopefully joining the EIB ranks soon!


Only the best,












Side Left:



Side Right:



Helmet Off:



Action Shot #1 - Blasting Rebel Scum:



Action Shot #2 - My Close-Up Pic for "Imperial Weekly", the Empire's #1 News Magazine B)




Hovi Mic Tips:



AP Helmet, Interior (Showing Green Lenses):



AP Helmet, Three Screws on Ears:



Modified Hasbro Blaster (Doopydoos Resin Kit and T-track Added):



Modified Hasbro Blaster (D-ring and Hengstler Counter Close-Up):



6 Rivets on Left Ab/Kidney Plates

Holster, Attached to Belt w/ 2 Rivets:



1 Snap on Right Ab Plate:



Kidney and Butt Plate Separation, plus

2 Snaps on Bottom of Butt Plate:



Free Floating Shoulder Straps w/ White Elastic Ties:



Thermal Detonator:



Belt w/ Inner Drop Boxes:


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Looking good. :duim:


Going to DragonCon this year?


Most definitely (and C5 too)! Needless to say, it'll be a busy few weeks this way. Funny, almost can't believe that my city has been hosting D*Con for all these years and this'll be my first time going. At any rate, I'm excited. :D

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Cool it looks like you ticked all the i', and dotted all the t's :D


One thing i would suggest, and thats cutting the corner of the plastic ammo belt at 45' ;)




Great catch/tip Mark! Well, figured there's no time like the present. Just cut the corners and took an updated pic:




UPDATE: My GML just sent me a PM letting me know that he's approving everything on the garrison level today, so with any luck I'll be hunting down rebel scum as an official legion TK very soon!

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EIB approved, nice job trooper. All these great EIBs lately are making my job too easy.


That comment almost sounds like Terrell's ready for another Rubies EIB request... :P


Nice job, Nasir! Awesome that you finally got this kit up and going. I do like how the AM suit looks, and the more builds I see the better I like it. Welcome to the ranks of the Empire's finest!

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