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TK7752 REQUESTING EIB STATUS:finally:[122][AP]

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Hi All Blastmaster here Requesting EIB Status, Armor and Helmet is AP (AP All the way), Blaster is a real deactivated Sterling, Boots are TK Trooper Supply.

Thank you for all the help getting here!!! May take two posts lots of pics!!!

Lots of pics here goes,

All my best,

Al Blastmaster TK7752 So. Cal Garrison












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Looking good, nice job :D The only thing I think you need is the shot of your bucket with inside light showing lens color. Is your ESB next? Congrats in advance ;)

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very very nice!


man... that holster looks good... wonder where that came from?


tee hee...


nice attention to fitting and assembly!

I like the way you cut your thighs.


the 3d effect of putting the finishing strip just a tad thinner than

the overlaps is very accurate. I personally believe that the original suits

had this type of trimming.


and the more I look at the AP forearms, and the way he modded them your trimout

looks really good.


I'd say that you need some bicep elastic for your shoulder bells and biceps.

along with the "han solo" hook

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You look great Al - a true credit to SoCal. I'm sure with the validation of the green lenses it will be an easy pass.



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Great job, Al. :) That AP suit looks fantastic. Did you affix the left ab shim more-or-less permanently to the armor with the rivets, or are the rivets for show? I'm thinking about adding them on, too, but I don't know if I want it to be permanent or not.

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Hi Terry,

The left ab area has permanent rivets and the right is permanent on the back side and goes to velcro closer with fake rivets on the front edge.

Thanks for the thumbs up!!!! Very happy, and by far the most comfy armor I have.


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Nathan you are a crack up, Boba Fett coming just don't know who I am going to get to paint and weather it!! HA HA!!!!!

I will be in good hands!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM EIB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

thanks so much everyone!!

All my best,


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I think the black elastic on the bottom of the shoulder bells should be a 'must have' for EIB. Every screen used armour had them and so should the replicas. Just my opinion, of course :D


Someday it will be, but we really need to have a higher percentage of the Legion's TK's be EIB first. There are still parts of the Legion where out-of-the-box FX is still OK. MEPD's program at 33% of Legion adoption is way higher than our paltry 5%. So for now, the goal is to get more people at least to where EIB is now before upping the standards.

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