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对代表的会谈,我想要欢迎我们兄弟姐妹从中国、 台湾,香港,新加坡,和其他领域在中国的地方是本机语言。 我们希望这个论坛将帮助您在旅程上 501st。

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谢谢Paul兄! ^^;


May I suggest changing the "中国" in the title 欢迎中国士兵!to 华人 instead?


中国 means China but I am sure this forum is not just restricted to China so 华人 which mean Chinese in general regardless of nationality is a much better choice. ^^;

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Hey Paul, maybe I wasn't clear enough on the changes. My bad. ^^;


Ok what I meant is this thread title change to 欢迎华人士兵 which means Welcome Chinese Soilders/Troopers.


As for this forum title, you may want to change it to 银河帝国中华大使馆 which means Galactic Empire Chinese Embassy which is what you have in mind right? =)

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Done and Done! Yes, that was my intent. Actually, *you* the Chinese speaking members of the 501st can choose another name if you find one more fitting, and to your liking.

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Ahh... Kanji. :lol:







10 years and still cant read a lick of it. However Japanese and Chinese are vastly different. Cool thread boss!

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因為自己平時也有華人的星際大戰網站及第501師台灣前哨站的事務要處理,所以應該不會常上來這裏。 我會請TK6509常上來這裏作為FISD與第501師台灣前哨站的聯絡人。


因为自己平时也有华人的星际大战网站及第501师台湾前哨站的事务要处理,所以应该不会常上来这里。 我会请TK6509常上来这里作为FISD与第501师台湾前哨站的联络人。


Since I have to deal with matters of my own Chinese Star Wars fan site and Taiwan Outpost, so I won't be a frequent visitor in this forum. I will ask TK6509 by frequently as possible by visiting this forum as if a contact person between FISD and Taiwan Outpost.

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thanks all I Love Taiwan 501st

謝謝版主 有中文版真是太貼心了

受台灣指揮官指定為FISD與第501師台灣前哨站的聯絡人TK6509 真是太感動了

請大家多多指教 謝謝

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