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ANH blaster

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Was there only one or more blaster versions for the Stunt trooper cause i'm confused with the t-racks and drilling a bottom row of holes or not?

Some have hole and some have a t-racks at the bottom, some have counters some not? :blink:

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the blaster for stunt/hero characters in Episode IV is the sterling L2A3 model 9mm smg.

the scope most used is the M38 tank scope. The Hengstler Eagle gold metal socket counter

is mounted on the left side of the scope.


when modding the hasbro, you should purchase the doopy do's kit.

and some extra more accurate T track.


on the hasbro you need to cover the center row of holes on each side, and the T Track on the loower left side

needs to be removed. then a row of holes needs to be added along that left side. taking into account the

bayonet lug you also need to add to a hasbro mod. this row of holes along the left side of the lower part of the barrell

has no T track on any of the holes. ELITE style A New Hope version.


great thread!


in later versions in the Empire Strikes back, those holes are covered with a cut T track separated by the bayonet lug.

the scope rail, and scope are different, and the hengstler counter is omitted.

on some ESB blasters you have a U shaped track.

some are missing the blaster tip, like the EP IV version has, and some are just like the EP IV versions without the counter.Great Thread!


and this stunt background version:


Great thread!


for Return of the Jedi, it's also different types of scope, scope rail, and C shaped tracks, the blaster tip, and other variations

for the folding stock details, and some elements of the grips come from the MCG copy of the Sterling SMG.


great thread!



hope this helps.

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