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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Hello to you all! I'm loving all the interesting info on this site. I already have my AP armor, built, and trial run tested. Now I'm spending all of my free time making it "wearable" without all of the armor pinch, and trying to make it to fit my pear-shaped body type (darn you anorexic actors from the '70's) I'm struggling with finding out how to "snap attach" the belt to the armor now so that it doesn't slide up and rip off my ab buttons. Are there any suggestions? reference pictures? Should I just epoxy the belt in place? Thanks for your interest, and you'll most likely see me trolling on this site when I devote the time away from repairs... c'ya!
  2. Hello, I am new to the forum and after much research, I have narrowed my two armor choices between AP and T/MC armor. What are your guys takes? I am on a budget and I am 5'11" 165 lbs. Thanks! -Jimmy
  3. Hey guys - Hope your all doing well, really excited to have joined up with whitearmor and taking my steps to eventually get my Stormtrooper Armour. I need help and wondered if some of you can put me in the right direction. I have joined the Florida Garrison already, just taking baby steps. Please get back to me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Alex
  4. i have to admit, i am Obsessed with the idea of owning a Storm Trooper armor set. i have researched this topic for a few weeks now and have found that this is some of the best information i have found so far (this Forum). Ive read through almost every post on this subject and i am still curious what would be the best armor for me. i have looked through some newbie posts and thought that a person could help me more personally. I am about 6' tall and weigh around 140 pounds. i am looking for the best fitting and most screen accurate set of armor. My price range is below 1k and i am not too familiar with trimming and altering armor. My question is: what would be the best armor for me? for an almost "ready to wear" set with my body type and price range in mind. Please Help!! :snowtrooper:
  5. So, my AP armor was delivered today and it was like Christmas in August! (Thanks, Mark!) As I'm getting a ton of advice from these forums about what armor to buy (and now) how to build this shiny plastic, I figured I'd start my own thread. Also, I'm absolutely petrified to cut into it... so I'm delaying the process by starting this thread. It's so shiny and I really don't want to make a mistake. Luckily, I have this website and the local garrison has been really helpful. Another TK even took me out to lunch just to show me his armor (AM build) was set up and how he put it on. So, anyway... here's some pictures (that's the best I could fit it all on my poker table... can't wait for that picture) of me opening the box and inspecting everything to make sure it's all there. I guess I really need to get over this fear now and start the trimming process. I'll have to update once I actually start making some progress. I'll be using TK-Dmian's guide a lot for the first stages! Thank you whitearmor.net! Cheers, David
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