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Found 1 result

  1. So I never post about this cause this kit doesn't really have a home, but now I found this section, so awesome. Years ago, I stumbled upon Gus Lopez' site where he talks about super rare figures and I discovered the weird Uzay figures. For those of you who don't know, Uzay is the Turkish knock off's of the vintage figures. I think they might be on the edge of authorized, since they are not pure bootlegs. The thing I really liked about about the Uzay ones were the custom characters they created. I always liked snowtroopers, so their invented character "Blue Stars" was my favorite, although "Head Man" (yes, I'm serious) is pretty awesome. The Blue Stars is simply a dark blue TS, yellow eyes, red accents and a white gun. The Blue Stars were a more serious type figure compared to Head Man. Head Man was a Royal Guard with no soft cape, black body, chrome head and a Captain America type shield. Since there are only 2-3 Blue Stars out there, I only had Gus' pics to work from. So, as I was thinking about joining the Legion, I though maybe doing a TS would be fun. Fairly easy (in my opinion) and cheap comparatively. So upon some advice, I bought a TS kit from a maker I won't mention, but it was NOT from Ebay and WAS from a known Legion kit maker. When I got it, I was pretty excited. I figured I was well on my way to being in the Legion. As I did more research, my hopes were crushed as I discovered that the pull I got was so weak that there was no way it would get approved. Well, lemme state I felt that it was not good enough...I might have passed muster, but the way the backpack and bucket were pulled I felt strongly that I had just wasted some cash. Around the same time, CV was being rumored. When I saw they were infact planning CV and announced it, I had an idea while reading their site. They mentioned a costume contest. I figured it would be full of Legion types, started thinking there would be NO costumes of a rare Uzay figure. I knew that making it would be a one shot thing, since there are only two references for it (if you can even call it that...the vintage figure and now a Kubrick) and I highly doubted anyone from a normal con would understand what I was doing. But at CV, I might get recognized. So I started the fun process of learning how to work ABS with no CRLs except my own standards. Trimming the armor and painting it blue was easy enough. I didn't know about the nice Lexan scissors, so all my cutting was with a Dremel. I used a Testors Model Masters Acrylic blue, airbrushed onto the armor after being rattle can primed. As you can see from the brim, this was very roughly done. I kindof stressed that it didn't look like a nice Legion TS, but then thought it added to the whole knockoff and tacky-ness of it. Making the soft parts was fairly easy. I found a nice flowing blue cloth that matched the paint and used the Matrix Neo trenchcoat pattern for the duster. I threw together a pair of pants from the same material in a simple style. The gloves were white yardworking gloves that I dyed (dying the elastic as well) and used zip up boots that came with the Rubies Supreme Vader I got on Ebay for extremely cheap. I bought some yellow TK lenses from an Ebay seller who threw in some mirror tint for free so I could make my eyes. I used craft foam painted yellow for the rank buttons and an actual TS ab plate greeb. I already owned a 1996 era Hasbro E-11 that I dusted with white primer to finish off the look. And here is the finished bucket with the yellow mirrored eyes: I didn't take too many build pics, but here is the final result: I had to do some repairs at CV, but I did get there with it and entered it into the costume contest. I took runner up in the "Outer Rim" category to the badass Gammorean. But I guess the coolest part is that when you go to www.starwarscelebration.com and see the trailer video they show for C6, upon mentioning "costumes", they show a queen, a TPM denizen, Grievous and ME! Not too bad to be only one of 4 demo-ing the costumes and contest! Oh yeah, I bought a repro figure and packed it with me while in costume at CV, lol And the screen cap from the video Thanks for letting me show off, TK brothers!
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