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  1. Huh, that stinks. Come on over to the NER forums, you can register and hang with us until we get you in touch with the ECG We are friendly and can offer you tips and advice as well. We have a ton of new members so there are a lot of "help" and build threads going on right now... We cover NJ and part of NY, plus we have a lot of ECG guys who pop on in to say hi http://www.501stner.com/members/index.php?act=home
  2. Did you try registering with their forums? http://www.empirecitygarrison.com/forum/ You could also go to the rebellegion.com site and reach out for Mary Alice, she's in echo base and in charge of like both so she could most likely help you out. I'm sure there is a link somewhere for you to get started...
  3. We always have "spotters" who are members out of costume. They act as eyes and ears for us as it can be very difficult to negotiate unfamiliar terrain at times, plus you can't always see the little kids or people trying to get your attention, whether they want to say hi or take a picture. They can also spot parts of your costume that either fall off or go out of place (can't tell you how many times I lost my thermal detonator before I finally riveted it ) I usually keep my belongings in the tub, as long as it is a secure area, or leave them in the car. Most events you really don't need anything. For cons I do the same, again you don't really need anything while you are in costume, but you can get a laynard with a small pouch to hang around your neck. If done right the chest plate will keep it hidden and you can keep a cell phone or key or some cash
  4. No problem Steve. He does bags for clones, TKs and bikers, I think he was also creating a pattern for a Vader and clones with goggles. IMO it's a really nice custom bag, he includes the 501st patch and ID embroidering, and if you send him a Garrison patch (if you are in one) he'll attach it for free
  5. Trent from the 501st. He did an awesome job and I love the product. You'd have to reach out for him, he just finished a run and is taking a break to catch up, but he seems to offer these on a regular basis... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember...cfm?userID=2747
  6. I use smaller size tubs w/ handles from Walmart for my biker and jedi: I still have a large tub for my TK. The wheels broke and I don't need as much space as I have, but when going solely TK it's nice to have the extra room to throw in various stuff I want to bring with me (cameras, extra blaster, toys or giveaways, etc...). I bungee cord it to a small, collapsable handtruck and it works out fine. For my bucket I have a custom made case from another Legion member. It is a really nice product, with my TK ID and Garrison Patch, plus the 501st patch. Having the larger tub it fits right in there with the armor.
  7. One of my Garrison buds made sweet cards too... I'm getting some soon. Here's his: And one for another Garrison's member: Just remember to use a photo of yourself and not a trademarked image
  8. Wow, that is a great explination. This should be copied and posted on every 501st related board out there, pin it on the "FAQ" threads. I know there is something similar on most boards but this is pretty clear and would get the point across to new users in an intelligent way. I pop in and out of a lot of boards and you all know the first post of a new member is "Hi I'm so and so, love Star Wars, where can I get some armor?". Then the old time guys politely refer them to the FAQ and explain we don't do that, and so on. I think anybody could relate to this explination. Jonah, you shoulda posted this 5 minutes before I saw the topic, now I wanna take back my prior post, LOL Like I said, I've been in the Legion for a while and all over these boards and it never really made sense to me, or I didn't view it this way until now, ha...
  9. Ah, my main man Chris. What's up dude? I was just at Chris' house last week for an armor party and got to see this first hand. He is an excellent sculpter and has an incredible "Imperial Sweatshop" This helmet is REAL nice, I want one!! I still can't stop laughing over the fact that - get this - he didn't realize there were kits available out there to buy. He thought everyone in the legion sculpted their armor from scratch, made a vacum table, pulled the armor then assembled it!! I can't even make a playdoh egg look good, let alone create something like this. LOL Man I wish I had the skill a lot of you guys and gals do when it comes to making this stuff...
  10. I've always wondered this myself and was just talking about it the other day at an armor party. One of our Garrison members just became "official" 501st and I was saying how now they can have access to the 501st forums where you can purchase any type of armor or part you want or need, and that it's total opposite of most of the sites that all have the "no WTB threads allowed". I understand the reasonings, I guess, but it's funny that once you are in the legion you can pop on the forum board and see fifteen threads selling full sets (used and new), parts or even raw kits. I was frustrated when I tried to score my first set and didn't know where to go. I ended up on ebay and got a nice set from costume junkie, but payed out the rear end for it Now that I'm on the 501st forums over the last year I scored all sorts of stuff - at just a fraction of the price. The best advice I can give at this point is search out your local Garrison and register on their boards. Once you get talking to local people you will find it's easier to locate what you are looking for, you can get a little more personal with the interaction and you will have them around to give you a hand if needed. Good luck!
  11. My group tries to stay in character yet still have fun and not scare anybody. When the kids ask "where did you get your armor" I'll reply in a fun way the "it's Imperial issue" or something similar, and when they ask if it's hot in there (summertime) I'll usually say "Lord Vader doesn't allow us to complain" or "Darth Vader doesn't allow us to get hot" or something like that. And when they ask for your autograph sign your TK id number...
  12. Another tip is to let us know what state you are in, that helps in terms of finding a local Garrison. I watch these boards and when I see a newbie that is in the NJ or NY area I reach out for them myself, providing links and contacts to our forums and Garrison so you can get the help you need, and of course sign up and begin trooping. We have several members of our Garrison that haven't finished their costumes yet but they still participate on the forums and at events as "spotters" - it's a great way for them to get acquainted and see stuff first hand, plus make a personal connection with members that may be very close to them so you can meet up and work on cosutmes together. Welcome to both of ya...
  13. What's up dude I've been a member of the 501st for a while now but I'm new to these boards. I've trooped with Carida several times so I'm sure I'll run into you soon enough. Congrats on the acceptance
  14. Master Obsidian is right on...this is BY FAR the best site for getting info and assistance in armor building Plus there seems to be an expert in every field you could possibly have a question!! Coming out to an event is good for seeing how stuff works and looks first hand, if you've never built or tried anything like this before it can be a little intimidating. I didn't really get anywhere with mods until I started trooping and saw first hand how others had their armor... of course I didn't get on this site until recently, well after I began trooping
  15. Welcome dude I sent you a PM about how to reach us at the local NJ 501st Garrison, the Northeast Remnant. When you get armor and eventually join the 501st this is where you will end up. I recently recruited Darlene from here (Pepster3D), hope you join up too We have a lot of new members so you will be jumping in at the right time... we're planning some "prop parties" to assist the newbies and we have about 6 events in October if you wanna come out and meet us in person. Talk to you later
  16. Hey Darlene, I'm no expert on anything, but I believe there was a thread on the official 501st forum a while back, and I believe it was actually started by Dion (our NER CO) because he was looking for a new pair of boots. Somewhere on there a member posted that these boots turn yellow quicker if they are touching each other when being stored. I have no idea how true this is or why, but since I read that I've been storing mine on opposite sides of the bin
  17. Navajo Bro

    Join the empire

    Well said, you can guess where my heritage lies And I'm not making a decision until we decide on what to do about the "femtroopers".... I'm going where they do http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?sho...ic=1502&hl=
  18. Hey Chris you here too And Chris rocks more, he built his own vacuum table and created his armor from scratch That's talent in my book. See ya
  19. 7 YEARS!!! Wow, I woulda went nuts Welcome, I'm new to these boards but I've been a member of the 501st for almost a year. If you are in NJ and officially join the 501st you will most likely be in my Garrision. Come on over and check it out...we're always looking for new members and we just had a bunch join this year. You can join up on the boards just follow the links. See ya around. http://www.501stner.com/members/index.php?...gin&CODE=00
  20. Ha, looks like I was writing my reply at the same time you were Glad you figured it out, it really is a good way to attach some of the peices you need to attach. Just remember to use washers on the plastic, it really does make a difference. I forgot to use them on some of my first tries and the rivet just pulled right through. Talk about aggravation... trying to drill the rivet out without doing further damage to the armor, ugh
  21. I have the exact same tool you have pictured and it's actually not too hard to use once you figure it out. I admit I was just like you when I bought it... it seemed simple enough but even after reading the instructions I was completely clueless having never used one before. I'm not an expert costume maker but I can try my best to explain it to you, at least how I do it. I first drill a small hole in the pieces I want to rivet. The hole is just large enough to push the small part of the rivet into (The end with the little "knob" and sheathe - don't know how to really explain it). Next you put the large (nail) part of the rivet into the tool. There are different size tips on the tool itself and they unscrew so you can change them to match the size of the rivet you are using. Than is kinda important. When you unscrew to change them make sure the handle is pulled together (use the clip on the end to lock it). The tips unscrew to change, not adjust... I think this is what you were referring to when you said you adjusted it. Once the tool is on the nail part you simply squeeze the handle together slowly. Make sure as you do this you keep pushing the tool forward so it is flush with the small part of the rivet. As you do you will see it gets harder and harder to pull the handle together. Eventually it will snap the nail part off and your rivet is on. To get the nail part out of the tool simply squeeze the handle back together and point the tip toward the floor. The nail part will fall right out. You should use washers as well. They would go on the opposite side of the plastic. This is all kinda difficult to explain, I hope it does help. I'm off today and will try to take some pictures on a test peice later and post a better tutorial. Like I said I'm not an expert and I'm also new to this forum, I'm sure there are way better experts here that can explain it better but since I just saw this I thought I'd try and help ya. Good luck.
  22. TK 8869, Northeast Remnant Garrison, reporting for duty sir!! Just point me towards the nearest Rebel scum and watch the carnage that ensues.... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember...amp;userID=7275
  23. In regards to the armor itself...I bought my armor from Costumejunkie via ebay last year. They got it to me very quick and I was very happy with the armor itself and the fact everything was put together. They did respond to my emails and things went smoothly for the most part. The resin gun didn't come at the same time (they rushed the armor to me so I could have it before Halloween, which was cool) and I had to remind them about the gun later. It looks like they rushed the gun and sent it before the paint and glue dried... it chipped all over and some peices came apart when I pulled it out of the box The helmet is very good in my opinion, with the fans, voice box and hard hat liner. It was WAY expensive and you can certainly get it cheaper. The issue I had was I didn't know anything about these sites and of course wasn't in the 501st yet so I had no idea where else to go to get armor. If I had access or had know about these sites then I would have bought the armor somewhere else and used these boards to assist in my own assembly. The Costumejunkie armor is good, but after trooping and meeting other guys I ended up moding it all over. It came with everything velcroed, and realistically most of the peices should be glued or riveted. I also had to trim some peices to fit me better, but that is the case with any set of armor. Hope that helps...
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