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  1. Great Job on the Racing Shirts! The Best Ever, thank you for all the hardwork
  2. Anyone in the USA doing a run of these? I want to upgrade my ANH Stunt
  3. TK3352 Ron Drinkard reporting for duty https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=7667
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I am thinking about doing a mod on one of the JP's and pulling a mold in the next couple of weeks for the sky trooper jp. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on any members project.
  5. Just a couple of questions is anyone manufacturing or producing the jetpack and the chest boxes? Is the chest box the same one used for the TIE pilot/Rebel pilot or is it something totally original? I am going to start on this this weekend and before I go any further wanted to see if any of our fellow troopers are making these items or if they are all being made by the individual. Being a bounty hunter for over 5 years and having built several, I am use to us producing our our costume parts. Thanks for the help Ron
  6. I did mine the FJB blue approximately 2 years ago. I thin it is closer to the original than the mid-night blue
  7. ESB #1, ANH#2, ROTJ 3 where they used real people, a creative script and writing, some real neat man made props and lots of human creativity. Then it would be the very unimaginative computer generated stuff that attempted to be Star Wars- ROTS 4, Ep I, Ep II, showed very, very, very little creativity other than computer programming. no costumes other than a few robes and light sabers, and Jango Fett
  8. This shows you what happens when you have entirely too much time on your hands and an over abundance of For Sale signs. I'd love to find out where this guy lives and pay a visit for Halloween. It has got to be an incredble laugh! I wonder if he is the same guy that made a movie accurate Cylon costume out of tin and cardboard and has it on sale on flea bay right now for a starting price of $600.00
  9. Ok, I skipped the wine, and just went on line and ordered one. You guys are a bad influence on me-ha!ha!. Had to get a replacement for my huge FX. Thanks for all the photos and help everyone.
  10. Thanks for the quick reponse and photos. It does look smaller, and that it exactly what I need. My EFX is huge
  11. How does the size compare with an FX bucket? I am trying to find a bucket that is smaller than the FX, is this the one, or any other suggestions?
  12. Hi this is Diz from the Golden Gate Garrison, checking in in his new shiney white armor, and accepting the new monilker TK3352. I want to thank everyone for the help, guidance and information they have provided me during this transistion from a BH/IG/TX. Will be submitting for ANH status within the next day of so. Thanks again and look forward to trooping in my white evening wear. Ron
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