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  1. Yea I know. But I still get allot of newbies who want the AM helmet to start with. To most it comes down to cost. It would be nice to show them a pic of a completed suit and helmet that comes from AM.
  2. A new AM helmet is still a way off. It's in the pipe line, but nothing that will turn up soon. You still get an FX helmet with the AM armour. So someone who has a helmet/armour combo from AM.
  3. Hi there guys. I might look like a newbie, but it's a long story. Short story is change of ISP, different email address. Therefore lost my old username, post count and date of joining. I'm looking for a pic of a set of AM armour and helmet. I've helped heaps of people get armour over the years, but I'm lacking this. Anyone here have some? It must be a AM helmet. Not a hybrid.
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