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  1. 1 hour ago, TheSwede said:

    Anovos do sell helmet kits.

    Maybe so, but that face plate is not Anovos and the shoulder bridges are very soft. Could actually be an RS. I'd have to see more parts to have a better chance of positively identifying the maker of the kit. Either way, building it is the same no matter who made it.

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  2. Option 2 is the right way to go.


    The parts may not line up correctly but that's just how it is. I'm not sure who made your armour but it looks like either RS or Anovos (both same moulds) and the original RS armour had identical shins made up of 2 x left outer parts and 2 x right outer parts. Rob (of RS) made some inner parts by reshaping casts from the outer parts and these are the ones you have paired together currently as the left shin with sniper knee plate attached. Your right shin is made of the correctly shaped outer parts, so swap your right inner over to your left outer and that's the way they should be paired up.

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  3. I don't know why you FISD staff always focus on the sides of the knee plate lining up with the ridges on the sides of the shin, making the front pate stick inwards towards your knee. It's madness. The ends of the knee plate should blend into the shin top ridge as best you can - not follow the angle. More importantly is the front of the knee plate is glued flat to your shin - not angled. I know some knee armour can be tricky to fit but it's simple when you don't have to incorrectly follow the angle of the top of the shins with the knee plate.


    Red line - bad. Blue line - good.



    Real deal.



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  4. 4 hours ago, ABS80 said:

    Looks perfect now,  the refference  Glen used I think is a ROTJ TD completely different ,  ANH TD have less gaps and the end caps are thicker,  to be safe only use ANH refference photos

    WOW! If you don't know the difference between an ANH and ROTJ detonator by now, I would refrain from commenting. Both detonators Glen posted are ANH and are the same one, except one photo was taken when it had paint on and the other with paint removed, but both are 100% ANH.


    This is an ROTJ for your future reference. Let me know if you need more help identifying any trooper parts :D



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  5. Mark's right. The heat created by drilling out the rivet will melt the plastic if not done slowly and leave a hole the size of the rivet head. I prefer to use a large drill bit and drill into the rivet head in stages, meaning drill for a short while then let the rivet cool, then repeat until the head comes off. You don't want to drill right through the rivet - just take the head off and the rivet will come out the other side.

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  6. These may not be the best photos but you can see the silver lines do not represent the original shape of the thigh tops. The silver lines were drawn keeping the same distance all the way around the top of the thigh, going in from all angles. The black like represents the original shape much better. The black line was drawn keeping the pen vertical from the top edge. I simply used my finger as a spacer and kept my hand parallel from my table, making sure I only took the height off the thigh - not the width.


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  7. 8 hours ago, Sly11 said:

    I use a technique where you attache a 2B pencil to an eraser or small piece of wood with an elastic band. You then run the block around the outline of the top of thigh and scribe a line in the exact same shape as the original shape you simply hold the block and pencil at an angle so the tip of the pencil contact the surface and away you go.

    You can use the same technique to shorten the shins from the bottom.

    I'll get a photo up when I have a minute and it will make perfect sense.


    You can do this but you must keep the pencil and wood/eraser/spacer vertical along the top of the thigh or you get the weird shape. 

  8. 3 hours ago, TK20187 said:


    If you cut the tops of the thighs following the blue tape, you will lose the original shape. I have seen many people do this and their thighs look bad. The best way is to mark out the tops of thighs by following the tops vertically, so you keep the original shape. This way your thighs will look the same shape they did before you trimmed them, just shorter.


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  9. 1 hour ago, ABS80 said:



    You know which parts are fan sculpt?  I might be wrong but the shoulder straps, main belt, drop boxes, belt caps, ammo thigh and hand plates look fan sculpt 


    Mark (AP)

    Yes, the shoulder straps, knee plate, ab buttons and hand plates were supplied by me from my old set of moulds. The left bicep and forearm, main ammo belt, thigh ammo strap, drop boxes and belt rivet covers were sculpted by Rob. He did sculpt the missing inner parts to the shins but has gone back to using doubled up parts. The sculpted shin parts are why Anovos have funky shins.



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