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Status Updates posted by troopermaster

  1. TM kits available within 3-4 weeks from ordering. PM me for details.

  2. Before anyone asks - NO! I will not be making the Rogue One trooper armour.

    1. meekerscott


      I'm sticking with OT TK forever.


  3. Snowtrooper Commander kits coming soon!

  4. Snowtrooper kits available now!

  5. Snowtrooper kits coming soon!

    1. DarthChridan


      Sounds interesting ^^

    2. SorenM


      Wooohooooo...looking forward to it...armour only, or entire kits with coat etc?

  6. Ya'll want armor? Hey, see the Master, Jack!

  7. Time to let old painless out of the bag

  8. Zipping up my boots. Going back to my roots

  9. Look at me, I'm naked! I'm talking to you like you're real. Go to Hell!

  10. Stay frosty!

    1. Ossus501ch


      winter is over man ,-) or should be...

  11. blah, blar, blar.....

  12. Sunglasses, ooh ooh, to hide behind!

  13. Things are gonna change!

  14. Looking forward to 2013.

  15. Mini legs ready. Full suit pics coming soon!

  16. Mini torso armour pulled!

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