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  1. If you haven't, I'd keep reaching out to whomever you used for payment (paypal or bank). Sometimes they may cover you even if past the protection time period (some have had luck with getting their refunds from Anovos).


    A few of us picked up the Anovos TLJ buckets from bigbadtoystore and have shown them to those looking to get helmets. Most will probably go that way, just for simplicity (the rest of the costume is hard enough!). 

  2. So to make the TD fit inside the slots, I had to make some modifications




    Now it fits in the slots, though its going to require quite a bit of filling.




    And then theres the yoke. BSP did not make a return edge along the inside. To solve this, I left about a half inch during trimming, with the idea of bending the excess trim to create a return edge. So with a hairdryer, a small set of pliers, and a lot of patience, I've got a substitute return edge. It will be reinforced on the inside, and smoothed on the outside



  3. ABS paste will be used later, hopefully to cover up bondo in the seams. 


    Torso work tonight, doing test fitting




    Trimmed. Looking at possibly cutting further down for the neckline, so I traced a possible cut. 




    Back of the Thermal Detonator to be matched with the rails which....doesn't fit. Looks like I'll modify the inside rails. 




    The middle piece, which joins the yoke and back plate. Trim lines get a bit faint here




    Applying pressure to line up fitment with the yoke, which is pretty good. Seam will need to be filled., with reinforcement underneath. 




    And then lining up the back piece. Not sure if it should be place all the forward to the edge, or it its slightly away from the edge, as shown. 



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  4. First up, a forearm!


    I start by doing a quite, rough trim about 1 inch away from the main cut line. I use a sharpie to mark my initial cut lines



    Then using smaller scissors, I cut to the trim line. 90% of the Forearm pulls are very sharp, with the trim lines very clear. In a few spots though, I could only fine the line in direct light, using the glossy reflection of the ABS to fine the line, and trace with a pencil. 



    And then some tape to check the fitment. Looks pretty sharp



    Okay, about 1/3 trimmed! 



    Finished the night with the calves


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  5. Now that the armor is finally here, its time to start the long awaited build! 


    Main info:

    Armor - Back Stage Props

    Helmet - Anovos (The Last Jedi)

    Gaskets - GeekyPink 

    Gloves - Endor Props

    Boots - Imperial Boots

    Belt - JAFO


    Volunteered to help sort the 16 kits arrived from BSP, which arrived Friday. It took 4 hours for us to get them properly sorted after inventory. Unfortunetly, there were some missing items in the shipment, such as 6 of the 7 AB boxes, a few belt boxes, and our Riot Shields. However, enough parts have arrived to start the build. 


    Here's 7 kits sorted for pickup




  6. 16 kits showed up today in 5 massive boxes, and few of us got together to sort them out. Pulls looks good, plenty of detail. They all had to be separated for inspection and inventory (sadly no parts list from BSP). We got 16 of everything that arrived, but it seems most AB boxes and some belt boxes were not shipped. Also missing were the promised riot shields. We're reaching out to BSP to see if we can get those shipped out quickly..



  7. 14 hours ago, wilsoncai said:

    So backstage props have released their ready to ship pictures for their TLJ FOTK


    Started later then Anovos... Use metal molds as well.. And still manage to complete orders... 


    Come on anovos!!!! 

    To be fair, BSP was supposed to deliver their kits in June 2018, and have gone through significant delays with poor communication. Glad they're finally going out, looking forward to mine!

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  8. Hello all,


    When I received my kit last year, it came with the belt fixed to the front of the AB plate with rivets. I would like to know if this is okay for EIB and Centurion. My previous kit had snaps holding the belt to the front of the suit, but could occasionally get knocked off, so I haven't bothered to try to replace the rivets. 


    I haven't found anything in the CRL about the belt having to be removable. Ive tried searching but haven't found an answer. For the picture of the belt and holster, can it be taken still on the AB, as long as you can clearly see the holster mounting screws?


    Thanks all

  9. This is a warning for those looking to purchase from Diversity Props.


    There are numerous people in a kit collectors group on facebook reporting of unanswered communication attempts with Diversity Props. Some are saying Wayne has gone out of business, some get the "its almost done" bit and then nothing more, and a few having difficulties getting a refund, having to go through paypal by filing a claim.


    If you currently have a kit on order, I recommend attempting to contact him to get a firm update on your kits status. If you are thinking of purchasing a kit from them, make sure you have solid communication with them before attempting to purchase, and when using paypal, make sure that there is a fee for good and services, in the event you may need a refund. 


    There may be a reason why Wayne is unavailable right now, and hopefully that is rectified quickly.


    Please note, this is not an attempt to slander Wayne or Diversity Props, but merely a warning to those who are financially involved and may be at risk. I hope that whatever is going on gets fixed asap, so I can delete this post, and the membership can continue to have a trusted armor supplier. 

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  10. So it sounds like on Thursday, Anovos sent out shipping invoices to the next batch of orders. 4 people in the facebook group announced they had received theirs. What was interesting is that one of them ordered their kit Oct 3rd of '16 (without helmet), while there are still many from March-September (with helmet) that haven't received invoices yet. Last month, Anovos was okay with shipping most of the kit, minus the helmet and soft parts. Perhaps they have helmets arriving soon, and decided to get out a few non helmet orders (though ordered later?). Or whats probably more likely, Anovos doesn't care and are shipping out of order.


    Oh, and shipping to Florida was $90. I think Anovos ships from Los Angeles?

  11. I think the most affordable maker is 850, kits instock at $350 (no helmet, might have white ABS in stock, mostly black ABS). 


    Legit makers of FOTK (that I know of)

    ANOvos - coming from China/USA, white ABS with resin bits, available on the 3rd day of each leap year

    Back Stage Props (BSP) - white ABS armor, resin helmet?, to be released in the coming months (just beginning test pulls)

    Diversity Props - available from Europe, TLJ, ABS armor, resin helmet?  Lots of reports of poor communication, refund issues

    Jimmiroquai - available from Indonesia?, flexible fiberglass, resin helmet?, both TFA and TLJ

    KB Props - available from USA, black/white ABS, resin helmet, TFA, not sure if TLJ yet

    850 Armor works - available from USA?, both white and black ABS, resin helmet?, TFA



    FN Armor - white ABS, absolutely horrible

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  12. 1 hour ago, phil said:

    why not just buy from someone else plenty of good makers out there


    Some want the only officially licensed armor. Maybe they enjoyed their ANH kits, and want to support the maker. The kits were also advertised that they could be assembled without painting. Others saw $600 FOTK kit in ABS as a good deal. Plenty of reasons to go with Anovos, just as there are plenty of reasons to go with others, like Jimmi or KB or Diversity. 

  13. 4 hours ago, Tickle421 said:

    Wow, did they come trimmed? Did you get an email saying it was on the way or did it just show up?

    I think Anovos said previously that the because of all the delays, kits will ship trimmed as a thanks for sticking with them


    They did say they would start shipping by the end of March, they just didn't say how many :laugh1:

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