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  1. Konnichiwa [emoji108][emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brilliantly done sir. You've really given justice to this beatiful kit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks guys! I'll definitely keep you updated on this one. Ordered a grap hook box from Vactrooper btw. top notch work!
  4. So I just got some AP armor from a good friend ;D & he sold my FX to an aspiring 501st member ;D I got approved to EIB with that FX armor (my bucket was already an AP back then), and it's top notch for it's time. Now that I have an AP with a ANH stunt bucket, thought I'd just build my AP armor as ANH variant with the grap hook boxes on the Canvass belt. I hope to start working at this after my Boba Fett SE project.. that one has taken me a year and still not done with it. Looking forward to posting my progress pics. Glad to see all the old threads are still here as well as all the Admin staff who were really helpful years ago! Wohoo finally movie accurate armor Im soo happy!
  5. The stunt trooper was the happy trooper coz of the raised brow! Hero buckets have the low brow imma shoot you rebels mentality ;D
  6. Locitus wow there are so many armor builders today last time I was active it was just TE,TM,AP,FX & ATA.. is there a new list for new armor makers? Welcome to FISD!!
  7. Stunt for TROOPIN Hero for DISPLAYIN I love both
  8. Wow I remembered my first time to build my bucket 3 years ago!! I was really as excited! I'm watching this build from start to finish! BTW who made this bucket? AP? TE2? Hehe i'm kinda old school on the bucket makers nowadays ;D FX still had FX buckets!
  9. That's what I love about FISD.. the good old threads are still here.. Got myself some AP armor to replace my old FX so I know Im gonna have some fun again
  10. Thanks jnnfr72! Hope to see you soon among the ranks with BJ!
  11. Thanks for the replies brothers & sisters of the Legion! Wow it sounds cool just saying that! I love FISD!
  12. Just thought I'd share a picture of my EIB Certificate I had framed w/ my EIB coin! I'm so proud to be a part of this community Thanks FISD!
  13. Is the Hasbro no longer accepted for EIB Joey? Sorry i was away tooo long It's a great start blaster btw!
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