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  1. Suited up in my new Andrew Ainsworth/Shepperton Design Studios Stormtrooper kit at the Indiana GenCon this past weekend. Had a lot of fun! Working on starting my 501st Legion application with the Indiana Bloodfin Garrison.
  2. Thanks all. Great answers and I can now see that detail is the left arm TIE Pilot com pad. I’m a recent recruit to the world of Star Wars cosplay with the acquisition of a Stormtrooper suit from Shepperton Design Studios and a TIE Pilot & TIE Jet Trooper helmets from Denis at Armory Shop Moscow.
  3. Trooperbay.com has the ABS ammo piece and 3 robot covers available. A bit pricy at $42.99 + shipping. https://www.trooperbay.com/products/white-abs-stormtrooper-belt-and-rivet-cover-plates-costume-armor-part-cosplay-disney-501st-star-wars?_pos=8&_sid=111825009&_ss=r I need to do the same upgrade to my ABS ammo belt that came with my new Stormtrooper suit from Shepperton Design Studios. I was a bit surprised this kit different come with a 501st Legion compliant canvas belt.
  4. Has anyone found or produced this detail that shows up on the back of a TIE Pilot helmet in place of the small rectangular pill box? Thanks
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