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    Sculpting polymer clay and working with EVA FOAM for building armor. Camping out and shooting black powder guns. Cosplay with family and friends.

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  1. Did some work today on a few parts. here is some photos of the trimming ive done. Im leaving a bit of return edge on them for now, until i am ready to start fitting. i would post more but i apparently only have 7kb left of photos that i can post here. i dont know how im going to post more if that is the case.
  2. here is the kit after opening the boxes. im sure everyone has already seen an ATA kit but i thought id post it just so that id have it for the starting photos of my build thread
  3. Yesterday was BBB day for me. First thing i did was snap a pic of the boxes on the porch and then i brought them in to open up and look over the parts and check them out.
  4. im having issues with joining the bloodfin garrison so if someone from there could help me out with figuring out what im doing wrong because im confused i was told that i need to join the bloodfin garrison because i live in Indiana but i have been hanging out with bluegrass garrison guys.
  5. Just sharing another fun little photo at the Lexington Con from today.
  6. Had fun today at Lexington Con defending myself against an ATST taken over by rebel scum. Chatted with some fellow troopers from Bluegrass Garrison about tips on working on my incoming kit when it arrives. They said they were impressed with my Foam TK which really impressed me that they liked it so much. Really hoping for an approval into the Bluegrass Garrison so i can get a build thread going and star sharing pics.
  7. Little about myself, i consider myself to be fairly creative in the way that i do make attempts at creating my own works of art as well as trying to recreate others hard work efforts. I have under my belt now, two EVA FOAM costumes that i have made. the first of two is a Cyberman costume from doctor who and the other is the most current a Storm Trooper. I am currently on the waiting list for a TK suit from ATA WORKS and im excited to have a chance to build a Great suit and have hopes of finding a home with the 501st and start trooping within the community at local charity events. I would really like to find someone who i can get close with and become friends with in my area who could also help guide me along with my builing process once i do get my kit. If anyone reading this would like to extend a helping hand or good gesture this way, then i would certainly welcome it and be excited to hear from you. i am sharing a photo here of my latest foam build with me wearing a black series RO TK helmet.
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