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  1. OoooOOOooohhh! I usually don't buy the Hasbro replica stuff but I might have to get this one for display! Thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for the clarification! I would like to replace my overlap actually because since I did my troops back in the day I have gained a few pounds and my calve pieces are reaaaal snug in the back lol. I just need a few centimeters of space in the back to make them close comfortably. How do bigger troopers usually close those rear gaps without suffocating? I think I might want to just buy some ABS sheets from trooperbay and redo the strips completely but I am unsure how to do it and also stay in the widths mentioned above. How picky is the screen accuracy vs fit on the rear of the l
  3. Thanks Sly! You guys have all been so helpful. Especially the GML Drew, he has been a pleasure to work with! I did have one question about the CRL. It says no overlap construction is allowed. I searched the forums but didn't find any examples. I want to be sure I am good on that. Do you have any pictures or definition of what that is? Is that something that my FX armor would have to worry about anyway? I have already replaced some elements of the FX such as adding new buttons on the front and adding a cloth belt. I think all I have left to do for basic approval is get
  4. Hi everyone, I am working on my armor to be reapproved and I see this phrase pop up in a few places on the ANH Hero/Stunt. I am trying to get basic approval but I am unfamiliar with the term "overlap construction." I'm sorry if this has been asked before but when I searched the forums I saw lots of mentions of overlap but couldn't find an explanation of what it actually is. Thanks!
  5. Wow! This is so great. Thanks a ton for this post. I had always wondered. I know for the side gaps I have seen larger troopers (like myself) in the past with a white cloth instead of plastic. Is that approvable or is that a no go? I wouldn't think so but just wanted to check before I wrote it off completely lol. I didn't point this out earlier, but I have made some modifications to the original armor in adding a cloth belt, adding the white elastic shoulder straps, and changing the ab buttons. Just want to make sure these were good or not before I replace some of the aforementioned
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. So the helmet needs to go. Check. What about the rest of the armor?
  7. Hi everyone, I joined the legion about 10 years ago but have gone inactive since. I was trying to get my armor reapproved and I submitted my pictures last night for my ANH Hero armor. I got an email back from the GML saying that my armor kit no longer conforms to the CRL any longer. He said to reach out to the forums to see if you had any suggestions on how to rework it. I bought the armor from a legion member 12 years ago and he never told me what the make of the armor was. At the time I just knew he was already in the legion and this suit was approved. My GML said that this is AT
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