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  1. Huge shout to Walter Vongher (WTF) and Tony Jobe ( @ukswrath) for letting me utilize there social platforms to help me on my mission. Teresa was very kind and loved the extra little help we could give her. Huge shout to the troopers who helped make it possible.


    Chris Forsythe (darkstar)

    Alexander Hibbs

    Randall Hornibrook @TheDecisiveRaindrop (JR) TK55590

    Diego Rubalcava

    Cambre Johnson


    Thank you guys so much. 


    The raffle was fun. Wasn't sure how well it would go with 4 kids running around. 

    Chris Forsythe took 1st place

    Cambre Johnson took 2nd place

    and FISD very own Randall Hornibrook took 3rd.



  2. Had a great time for my 1st visit to galaxy edge. Ran into a golden gate garrison member as well as a pacific outpost member and nothing but love.


  3. Got to troop on may 4th at a place my kids frequent quite often. Fairytale town star wars day.



    Best part my son came in his kid Kylo gear and got to meet the squad.


  4. I received this coin at the troop. All thanks to FISD!! 



  5. First in person troop was a success. Happy 501st day everyone. We got to troop at the California Aerospace Museum.





    1. gmrhodes13


      Well done trooper, happy 501st day, US that is, we celebrate it in January ;) 

    2. tat2trooper


      Ah ok I never knew that. Thanks brotha. Did 5 hours suited walking the grounds. Oh and no armor bites shaooooooo.

  6. I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to @ukswrath for helping me find the poster insert for the Anovos TK kit. I have been looking for months. Messaging people selling kits if they would sell me just the poster all over eBay to Mercari to even messaging Anovos themselves which they told me they cant just sell me the insert. Even hitting up people selling there Anovos kits on Face book. After tons of searching I finally decided let me hit up @ukswrath he may have connects or know someone. And he came through for me. As a beginner builder and collector I cant say how much the people I have met through 501st have shown me how great it really is. These are individuals taking time out of there day to help others achieve there personal goals through there journey to the dark side. And I feel honored to help be apart of this process also. THANK YOU again. TROOPERS HELPING TROOPERS.  -TK91632

    1. ukswrath


      Glad to be of assistance David. As you said it, THT :jc_doublethumbup:

  7. My custom bandannas are being made. Shaooooooooooo. 


  8. Some pics I edited of me suited up.




  9. OK if anyone watches basketball and a Sacramento Kings home game look for this trooper in the stands :smiley-sw013: fan cut outs for the rest of the season are only $60 plus they give you the cut out at the end of season.



  10. Wow just learned something new that could relate to all troopers. On my shadow trooper kit I noticed this weird like dust kind of a stain. Turned out it was mold from being stored for a long time in garage probably. I was shown a link how to fix this issue and I used half water half alcohol and cleared it all away nicely. Looks brand new again. I pulled out ever part of the kit and also wiped every thing down again because I was told spores could be present and just start it up again. So if anyone sees this on there holster don't worry and just use that cleaning solution works great. 

    before cfjR9vs.jpg

    after IOG4H8l.jpg

  11. So this happened also. Shadow trooper in the works in near future.


  12. Gave my little baby a wash and added my cog TK id sticker.


  13. Printed my certificate and framed it.


  14. That's a touchdown brother @justjoseph63 thank you.


  15. New sticker from ebay. Only $5. DAYZ time.


  16. Shout out @ukswrath for being a stand up business man. Very understanding and about his name and business. Respect that greatly brother. Pleasure doing business with you and will definitely recommend and be doing more business in the future. 

    1. ukswrath


      Thank you for the kind words David :jc_doublethumbup:

  17. Some edits I did. I'm figuring it out.



    1. gmrhodes13


      Trippy man :jc_doublethumbup:

    2. tat2trooper


      Yeah am hoping to make a really good one with cool background I can blow up and put on my sons wall. Do you know what app or software you use to edit background?

  18. Got to do my 1st zoom meeting troop today with my son present. Thank you CCG, TK-13126, and placer county library for putting this together.



  19. Shaaaaaoooooooooooooo got approved Central California Garrison. TK-91632 


    1. gmrhodes13


      Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper

    2. tat2trooper


      Thanks brotha means alot.

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