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  1. Thanks for the advice and tips on where to find the various threads and all that, I'll definitely check out those build tips and *certainly* start my own build thread once I start on my own set! p.s love the dancing stormtrooper you got XD
  2. Sorry I haven't been replying, just been away for a week, thanks for the welcomes!
  3. By the way, I'm going up to my cottage this week with little to no internet so I can't respond to anything you're saying, but feel free to leave suggestions/comments on this page!
  4. I've also heard that AM make armour for the bigger troopers in the Legion, would you say 6'4 is big compared to other troopers??
  5. Yea I've been looking at ATA as well, just as my first set, maybe it'll be AP, I'm still doing a lot of research into what armour has its pros and cons, by the way, anyone know a good e-11 blaster vendor? I've been looking around and the one's I've found are either out of stock, or not replying to people.
  6. Quick question, (Forgot to mention the fact that I am not old enough to join, whoops) what are the current benefits of contacting my local garrison members, and who would I message first? The CO, or someone else?
  7. I live about a half hour out from Ottawa, so when I join I'd likely be in the Capital City Garrison.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I've been reading as much as I can with the time I have.
  9. Hello FISD! The name's Tyler. I've recently come across the 501st through the internet, and I remembered seeing something like that before and dreaming of doing it too, I love the idea of helping others, just by loving a franchise. It's awesome! Joining the 501st is a little dream of mine, and I was searching around on the website and came to here, I quickly realized that these forums were the first step into becoming a fully fledged 501st member and Stormtrooper, I get giddy thinking about it, heh. Anyways, just saying "Hello there" to you all, and may the force be with you. (Hopefully in the future) TK-40151
  10. Surprisingly, I've already read two of those links, I'll also be sure to have a look at ATA, I probably won't be making my armour from scratch, heh. I've also already found all the other soft and other components, minus a Blaster and a Thermal Detonator, I'm also not really on a tight budget either, because I do have a bit of time before I pass the age restriction, perhaps I'll even get my armour to Centurion if I try enough. Anyways, thanks. (Edit) I wonder if there are any age exceptions, or you need to be above 18 yrs..
  11. Yea, heh, I've been looking into this all I can for now, and I actually am near the Capital City (Canada) Garrison. I wouldn't worry too much about getting my armour fit for me just yet, as I am annoyingly under the age restriction, but it just means I've got more time to perfect the ways of the dremel and building armour, so it shouldn't be too daunting. (Edit) I was looking around and I found AP's ebay page, and it's like, $900 for me, Wow. I guess you *really* gotta pay for quality stuff.
  12. Thanks for the helpful info, I'll be sure to check that out right away!
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